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Amy + Andrew automatically generate dynamic Zoom links upon request. No more tab surfing.

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  • Connect your Zoom account

    Sometimes you canโ€™t meet in person. Thankfully, Amy + Andrew now pair with Zoom for your video conferencing needs. Go to your location preferences in and hit โ€œConnect Zoom.โ€ Yet another time-saving detail your AI assistant handles for you.

  • Dynamic links appear automatically in the invite

    Dynamic links > static links. Why? Dynamic links mean you get a unique Zoom URL for each meeting, so youโ€™ll never have to worry about old guests barging in on a new meeting. Better still, Amy + Andrew automatically include each new dynamic link in the calendar invite. No need to hunt around for where to click.

  • Get ready for your closeup

    Now that your AI assistant covers Zoom logistics, you can focus on getting your video conference from good to great. Think sound check, framing the shot, prepping visuals, and of course, making your opening greeting as awkward as possible.

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