x.ai secures an additional $10M in financing for its meeting scheduling AI assistant

This past week, we added an additional $10M in financing to our ~$23M Series B financing from last year. To date, we’ve invested less than a third of the Series B; however, we’re eager to accelerate product development, especially around our recently launched Business edition for teams. Along with this new capital, we hired Morgan Mackles as our VP of Sales, who will be building up our sales teams starting today and will further cement our focus on the enterprise.

Our friends over at Fenox Venture Capital, who are new to the cap table, led this round of financing, which also includes existing investors, DCM in particular (thanks guys!). We bloody love those founder and employee shares of ours, so a smaller part of the new capital is debt through Silicon Valley Bank.

We’ve always believed the problem of a free or low-cost personal scheduling assistant should be solved through hard science and engineering rather than through outsourcing or new interfaces. We continue to believe in this mission. Adding this additional capital is our way of doubling down on our vision of bringing our AI agents Amy and Andrew to the masses.

We’ve received tremendous feedback from our customers, and many marvel at the time and hassle Amy and Andrew save them. That said, our customers have also given us honest feedback about features they need that we don’t yet support or things they wish Amy and Andrew could do to make their lives even easier (i.e. meeting room booking for businesses). We hear you, AND we’re on the case!

We never thought building a fully autonomous AI personal assistant to schedule meetings would be easy. Thankfully, our investors (and our families) continue to be as excited by the challenge as we are.

Never surrender!
d. 🙂



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