x.ai Pros and How They Do It: Stephanie Ann Boyd

Stephanie Boyd


Name: Stephanie Ann Boyd
Title: Classical Music Composer
Location: Manhattan
Twitter handle: @stephaniannboyd
x.ai boss since: August 2016
Describe yourself in one word: indefatigable

Tell us one fun fact about you.
My first car was a 1983 Studebaker Avanti.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Best part?
My career lets me operate at both ends of the social spectrum: half my time I’m in my living room in NYC on my couch by myself composing orchestral music, half my time I’m out traveling the country attending concerts of my music and giving lectures on my music and being an entrepreneur in the 21st century classical music realm.

Worst part?
My family lives in Michigan so I don’t see them very often these days 🙁

What kind of meetings do you have? How many per month?
Next month Amy will need to schedule upwards of 60 meetings for me. I’m being commissioned to write a new piece of classical music by 50 violinists in 45 countries, and I’m meeting with everyone over Skype and Amy has organized every single meeting. Twenty of these were set up during the weekend when I was in the middle of nowhere in Canada with no reception. I did a similar project last year with one violinist in each of the 50 states, and without Amy scheduling the meetings with her constant vigilance, it was like trying to herd cats!

How do you introduce Amy/Andrew to new people?
I call her my AI assistant! When this happens in in-person meetings, I get wide-eyed stares of wonder. It’s so fun to get to explain what she does and show people how very real, relatable, and useful AI already is.

Any Pro-Tips you’d recommend to Amy’s other bosses?
Check Amy’s conversations with your clients every once in a while – it’s really interesting to see how they interact with her!

Favorite quote:
“The only difference between a delusion and a vision is execution” – Andrew Konya

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