x.ai Pros and How They Do It: Farhan Thawar

Farhan Thawar-1
Name: Farhan Thawar
Title: CTO & Co-Founder
Company: Stealth startup 🙂
Location: Toronto
Twitter handle: @fnthawar
x.ai boss since: Nov 2015
Describe yourself in one word: Intense

Tell us one fun fact about you.
I speak quickly. Once someone in an elevator asked me what language I was speaking (it was English!).
What do you enjoy most about your job? Best part?
Working with ultra-smart people and shipping every week.
Worst part?
Not knowing the future!
What kind of meetings do you have? How many per month?
Amy probably knows more than I do at this point. Usually about 50-60 meetings a month.
How do you introduce Amy/Andrew to new people?
I simply say: “I’m adding Amy who can help us find a slot to meet.” Most don’t know she’s AI.
Any Pro-Tips you’d recommend to Amy’s other bosses?
Yes! I have Amy connected to both my work and personal calendars. So she never books over either calendar.
Favorite quote:
“Everything you know is wrong”
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