x.ai launches on Slack

Now you can use “Amy + Andrew” in your Slack channels and DMs

We’ve spent the past four years building our AI assistants to remove the pain of scheduling meetings completely. Today, we moved even closer to that reality: you can now summon Amy + Andrew on Slack as well as via email.

If you’re already an x.ai user, download the x.ai Slack app here. If not, sign up for your free trial here. Here’s me using Amy on Slack to set up a review of our launch videos:

I don’t have to leave Slack, and Amy still sets up the meeting and sends the invite. See?

We’ve always assumed Amy + Andrew would have a life beyond email. And so we’ve tried very hard to build their core functionality to be channel agnostic. That way, we can deploy Amy and Andrew on any communication channel that people use to set up meetings. The first one we’ve tackled—and it’s been the most requested from customers and fans alike—is Slack.

As of this morning, you can use Amy (or Andrew) without leaving Slack. Once you’ve installed the x.ai Slack app, you simply wake her up by typing /amy, followed by your request. Not only can she initiate new meetings via Slack, she can also do a few new tricks! Visit our “How to use Amy + Andrew on Slack” post for a guide to what she can do.

We’re particularly excited about this news because the x.ai team spends much of our workday conversing on Slack, and we know our fans do too. Our future plans are guided by the principle that Amy + Andrew should be where our customers communicate. In that regard, this is a giant step forward.

Once you give our Slack app a whirl, give Raquel, our Product Manager for our Slack app, a shout to let us know what you think, and how we can make Amy + Andrew work even better!

I am super excited about this, and I hope you are as well! 🙂