x.ai investing $10M in artificial intelligence for meeting scheduling

Dennis R. Mortensen and Matt Turck

Democratizing access to a Personal Assistant that can schedule all your meetings for FREE or a negligible price per month is a huge market — there are 87 million knowledge workers in the US alone.
We’ve always seen the problem of a free or low-cost personal scheduling assistant as solvable through hard science and engineering rather than through outsourcing or new interfaces.
For the last 8 months, we have been heads down building an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant that helps you schedule a meeting using nothing more than an email CC to Amy (or Andrew) in plain English; “Amy, please setup a meeting with John end of next week“. You can see how Amy works here.
Amy feels like the future. Even more than Siri and Google Now, she seems seamlessly human and as effective as a real person doing the same task” – CBS News
While we’ve achieved tremendous progress, we currently see more interest in x.ai than we can serve, so I am extremely pleased to announce the decision we’ve taken to invest an additional ~$10 Million into our core research and product engineering.
New investors include FirstMark Capital, Pritzker Group and CrunchFund – who invested alongside our friends from IA Ventures, Softbank Capital and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. Brad Gillespie, Matt Turck and Josh Guttman will join our Board as we move forward.
We have one of the most experienced backend and data science teams assembled in NYC – and we are hiring the smartest people we can find. Consider quitting that deadbeat job over at Google for a job with some real propellerheads 😉

Email us at jobs@x.ai or shoot me an email at dennis @ x dot ai if you want to exchange your engineering or data science CV (aka showcase your github account) for a free Diet Coke at our Downtown Manhattan office.
@dennismortensen 🙂
ceo and founder of x.ai