x.ai can now check coworker availability

If you’re using our AI scheduling assistants Amy + Andrew in your workplace, but your coworkers aren’t, there’s a new way to help everyone schedule faster—sign up for the Team edition!

Even if (for some unfathomable reason) your coworkers don’t want to sign up for access to Amy themselves, as long as your organization has at least two seats on our Team or Enterprise editions, Amy + Andrew can now look at your coworkers availability across Google Calendar or Office 365. In other words, Amy will no longer bug them with an email about their availability. All they’ll see is the invite. Awesome, eh?

Amy + Andrew now check this for you, even if your coworkers aren’t users.


Technically this feature lets Amy + Andrew see when your coworkers are busy and when they’re free, even if they aren’t part of your Team plan. They scan your coworkers’ calendars and parse only the relevant information: availability and timezone. And because we value privacy, Amy will only send an availability and timezone query when a specific coworker is included on a meeting request in Slack or email. Instead of hunting for an open slot via a shared calendar, you can Amy send this simple query, and save another step in your scheduling process!

Why is this a big deal? Well, for one, it’s yet another way we’re improving AI scheduling for your guests. We’re passionate about eliminating the hassle of scheduling for everyone, so this furthers our progress toward that goal.  

It also means gives your entire company—hard core Amy users as well as nonusers—a productivity boost. Basically, no one needs to talk to the AI anymore, or not much.

The setup for this feature is a little different for workplaces that use Google vs. Office 365. Here’s a quick rundown.

If you’re a team admin using Google Cal, the setup is super quick:

  1. Click on the “Team” icon on your my.x.ai page
  2. Toggle on the switch for “Enable Instant Coworker Scheduling”
  3. Select Google from the dropdown menu
  4. Click “Save”

If you’re a team admin on Office 365, the setup is still super quick, but it has one extra step:

  1. Click on the “Team” icon on your my.x.ai page
  2. Toggle on the switch for “Enable Instant Coworker Scheduling”
  3. Select Office 365 from the dropdown menu
  4. Click “Save” and follow the instructions in the provided link
  5. Authorize x.ai
  6. Hit the “Test Your Connection” button

If your connection is working, Amy will be automatically enabled for Instant Coworker Scheduling on Office 365.

If you want to turn the feature off for either service, you can simply toggle the switch “off.”

Want to get one level closer to scheduling nirvana? Sign your company up for Team today!