Win Advanced Screening tix to Ex Machina (AI movie)

We’re excited to announce that has partnered with 2015’s best AI movie, Ex Machina. But don’t just take our AI-geek-words for it. Wired has said; “Ex Machina is easily the best on screen depiction of AI — its promises, challenges, and its philosophical implications — in years.”

The entire movie is a psychological game between Nathan, Caleb and Ava around the concept of a classic Turing test with a twist. Without hiding the fact that Ava is an AI, can she pass the test?
The challenge is to show you that she’s a robot. And see if you still feel she has consciousness” – Nathan
We can relate. At, we see users responding to Amy as if she is indeed human. Phrases like “You’re amazing”, “thank you so much”, “would you be so kind” and other notions of kindness arrive as replies. Intellectually, we know that a robot doesn’t need to be shown such level of gratitude but we do. Humans treating an AI like another human is exactly what we aim to achieve. We love it!
To further test this out, and A24 (the folks behind Ex Machina) have come up with a fun idea to help bring Ava to the real world. Starting today and running thru 4/30, our Beta testers can use Ava as your personal assistant to schedule your meetings. Simply cc: as you normally would for your beloved Amy (or Andrew). Yup, Ava has to get a job. Welcome to the real world.
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.51.40 PM
Those still waiting for access do not have to worry about missing out. You can win tickets to an exclusive Ex Machina advanced screening in your city. Get on your social channels and tell us your favorite AI from the movies and why, being sure to tag @xdotai. The lucky winners will get to see this suspenseful thriller brilliantly played-out before the masses get their chance. You’ll love it and your friends will be jealous. We promise!
Sample tweet: Favorite AI in a movie? Easily Wall-E for me, just so damn cute. @xdotai