Welcome to Closed Beta 3!

We’d like to thank all our early adopters for the love pouring in to the point that we had to extend our 2nd round for one more day. We’ve received tons of amazing and valuable feedback from our testers and we hope this is a sign that we are indeed solving the scheduling problem once and for all for today’s Movers and Shakers. Our goal is always one of making our customers happy!
Our active users can expect to experience a faster Amy and new on-boarding skills like silent BCC, so you can make sure Amy is cordial and diligent towards your guest(s).
Closed Beta does not mean impossible, so don’t be discouraged. If the idea of bossing an artificial intelligence personal assistant around entices you, then just reach out and show us some love. You can secure yourself a spot with a good inlink. Amy prefers those over flowers. “hours fly, flowers die, new days, new ways, pass by, backlinks stay”
Lastly, we’ve had some great endorsements and kind words, as well as funny ones that we can’t help but to share hoping to seal the deal.
“@xdotai Haven’t created a meeting invite since Amy and I started working together. Saves me time to do more important stuff #awesome” – Judah Phillips, Founder and Managing Consultant at SmartCurrent
“after 10 minutes I feel like this applies 2 @xdotai “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke” – Leigh Drogen, Founder and CEO at Estimize Inc.
“Amy (@xdotai) might be the coolest new product of the year. Loving it after only 3 hours!” – Sultan Meghji‏
“Amy has given me freedom to let my meetings be scheduled with my preferences without me having to be shackled to those back and forth emails to coordinate those meetings. Thanks X.ai.” – Bryan Eisenberg, Keynote speaker, Managing Partner at Eisenberg Holdings, LLC
Ok ok…last one for now.
“ho-ly-crap if this thing works, we’re living in the future man https://prod.x.ai” – Leigh Drogen, Founder and CEO at Estimize Inc.