Webinar: Using URL Parameters on Calendar Pages to Build Integrated Workflows

Sometimes you just want your life to run on autopilot. Here at x.ai, that’s our business! Join the x.ai VP of Growth and resident time hacker (me) for a deep-dive into obscure yet powerful features of x.ai that can take your scheduling to the next level. You’ll learn how you can track every detail of your meetings, automate reminders and follow ups, and automatically capture valuable information from your guests. There will be a hearty serving of integrations, embedding, and all-around nerdery. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, there’s something here for you to learn!

Watch the video below to see a demo of the following:

  • Building direct-scheduling URLs and pre-filling fields using custom URL parameters
  • Embedding Calendar Pages and preserving data across the scheduling experience
  • Tracking user behavior using Google Analytics and custom redirection
  • Building custom meeting success pages, relegating x.ai to the background
  • Using the x.ai WordPress plugin and advanced options to control the embedded calendars
  • BONUS: Set up a bookmark to quickly initiate meetings from our Meeting Creator!

Watch the recorded webinar below!

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