NEW: Use Templates to Schedule Every Meeting

Most meetings are not unique. In fact, most meetings follow easy-to-identify patterns. Some patterns are centered around the content of the meetings we do — introductory sales calls, candidate interviews, real estate showings, office hours. Other patterns focus on the meeting’s structure — 30 minute phone calls, 45 minute Zooms, 90 minutes at the lobby coffee shop. schedules millions of meetings for individuals and teams working in diverse industries all over the world. The most successful users are the ones who have identified their manual meeting patterns and codified them into Meeting Templates. Whether simple or sophisticated, these templates allow users to streamline, and in some cases fully automate, how they schedule. Our users’ success is clear: Meeting Templates are the foundation of scheduling.

Customize your availability for every type of meeting

Each Meeting Template is a collection of saved preferences for a specific type of meeting, like what days and times you’d like to do these meetings, where they’ll be held, and how long they’ll run for. uses these preferences along with the free time slots on your calendars to generate possible times you’re available to meet. You then decide how to share this availability.

schedule a meeting by sending a link to a Calendar Page

The most straightforward method is to share a Calendar Page link. Every Meeting Template has a corresponding Calendar Page that you can share when someone asks to meet with you. Your guest will see your availability, based on the preferences for that meeting template, and they can select a time that works for them to book the meeting.

Are Calendar Pages easy and efficient? Yes! Are they the right approach for every meeting? Not necessarily. It can sometimes feel inappropriate to send a Calendar Page link when you’re meeting with a VIP. It may feel overly formal when you’re finding time to catch up with a buddy. has always been versatile and we’re thrilled to introduce several new updates that make it just as easy to use your Meeting Templates to schedule over email, Slack, and with our Meeting Creator tool.

NEW: Use Meeting Template shortcuts to schedule over email

Scheduling over email is as simple as adding to any email that has your guests on it. You can then use any meeting template shortcut in natural language: Scheduler, book a /coffee meeting.

NEW: Use Meeting Template shortcuts to schedule over Slack’s Slack app makes it easy to schedule meetings from any channel or direct message. Type out the Slack command /scheduler along with your Meeting Template shortcut, then @mention your guests and send the message: /Scheduler Book an /onboarding with @liying @dennis

NEW: Choose a Meeting Template to schedule with the Meeting Creator

The Meeting Creator makes it easy to schedule a meeting with any number of people. With our latest updates, you can now select one of your Meeting Templates, add your guests’ email addresses, and start scheduling in seconds. Just like when you schedule over email, will send time options to your guests.

Use Meeting Templates to Copy & Paste Times into any message

You can Copy & Paste Times into any message by selecting one of your Meeting Templates and choosing up to three days you’d like to offer times. Then copy and paste those options as HTML into an email or as text with links into any messaging platform.

Faster Access to Your Meeting Templates

In addition to these improvements, we’ve also made some changes to the app to make it easier to quickly manage your Meeting Templates.

NEW: Default Meeting Template

As you set up your Meeting Templates, you should also save preferences under your Default Meeting Template. These preferences are used as a fallback if you schedule a meeting without specifying a template. They’re also used if another user schedules a meeting with you.

your default meeting template

You can also opt to use your Default Meeting Template’s Scheduling Hours on other Meeting Templates. This can be a fast way to manage changes to your availability.

use your default meeting template scheduling hours on other meeting templates

Updated Site Navigation

We’ve also updated some of our menus to give you quick access to your most important settings. We’ve added a new link to your Templates at the top of the app, so they’re always just a click away.

easily access your templates from anywhere on the app

Visit your Account settings to connect additional calendars and to save in-person locations, conference rooms, and phone & video conference details.

Use your Account settings to add saved locations for meetings

You can also use the Out of Office setting to add dates when you’re not available for meetings, which automatically updates your availability across every Meeting Template.

Looking for Meeting Template inspiration? Visit our Meeting Template Library to see examples of real templates that you can easily add to your account and customize.

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.