Time Hack: Use iPhone Text Replacement for Calendar Pages

Calendar Pages are the perfect solution for sharing your availability through any medium – over email, via LinkedIn, or in a text message. However, typing out your Calendar Page URLs can be tedious when you schedule a lot of meetings on your mobile phone.

PRO TIP: You can save a few keystrokes by using our URL shortcuts! You can direct people to your Calendar Pages by replacing calendar.x.ai with c.x.ai or x.ai/c. Therefore, c.x.ai/ammon/webinar and x.ai/c/ammon/webinar go to the same place!

Using iPhone’s Text Replacement

All iPhones come with the ability to define certain phrases that, when typed, will expand into a longer phrase to save your thumbs the extra effort. For example, typing “OMW” can be expanded to “On my way!” We’ll use this feature to auto-fill our Calendar Page URLs!

To get to your Text Replacement settings, go to settings and then to General → Keyboards → Text Replacement. Click the plus sign to add a new Replacement and create something like this:

Once you save this Text Replacement in your phone, you will now be presented with the option to expand the word or phrase you chose into your Calendar Page URL!

Now what used to take you 32 keystrokes (not counting taps on the 123/ABC buttons!) takes you only four! Simply grab your most-used Calendar Page URLs and add them as Text Replacements to quickly send your availability like so:

Remember, Android phones have a similar feature called Personal Dictionary within which you can attach a shortcut. Enjoy the well-rested thumbs!

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