Time Hack: Prioritize Your People

Sometimes meetings with multiple guests need multiple tiers of guest. While x.ai gives you the ability to set guests or yourself optional, effectively ignoring availability for the purposes of the meeting, sometimes the importance of a guest is not as cut and dried as Optional and Required.

Lock in the Important People First

Consider a scenario where you are scheduling a meeting with a CEO and a few of your sales representatives. It is critical that the CEO be in the meeting and everyone else involved can work around her availability. Requesting a meeting over email using your Scheduling AI will ask all of your guests for their availability on a first-come first-served basis in order to maximize efficiency. However, when one guest is of the utmost importance you may want to orchestrate the meeting differently.

Using One-Time Links for Groups

This is the perfect use case for x.ai’s One-Time Scheduling Links for Group Meetings. You see, when creating a One-Time Link from the x.ai Meeting Creator, you have the option to have your Scheduling AI reach out to your guests immediately or you can create a One-Time Link to send to your guests yourself. When you create the link, the AI will not reach out to any of your guests on your behalf, it is up to you.

In the meeting pictured, I have two guests, BigTime CEO and Les Important. I want Ms. CEO to have first dibs on available time slots and Les can choose from those options. To accomplish this, I first generate the link:

Then I can send the link to the most important guest first, letting them know to choose as many times that work for her and that we will then accommodate her schedule.

Now your availability will be made available to whomever has the link. Since only the Big Time CEO has the link, they can fill in their availability at their leisure and they will have first dibs. Upon clicking the link she will be prompted to fill in her availability as much as possible.

Once your highest-priority guest provides their availability you’ll see an updated meeting status in your Daily Meeting Prep email and you will be able to see the chosen times on the meeting page in your account:

Now that you know that your Big Time CEO has provided her availability, you can safely send the same link to Les Important and any other attendees you had specified in the meeting for them to choose from yours and the Big Time CEO’s mutual availability. Boom, Done!

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