Time Hack: Make Guests Feel Important

The coolest feature of x.ai is the ability to simply CC the x.ai Meeting Scheduler on an email and tell it the meeting details in natural language. From there you can kick back and let your Scheduling AI handle all of the work of finding a time. However, sometimes you may want to tell your Scheduling AI one thing publicly and another thing privately.

The Readback Email is Your Friend

When you request a meeting over email or Slack, x.ai will immediately respond with a “Readback” email asking you to confirm the meeting details. This is your opportunity to sneakily make some changes before the Scheduling AI reaches out to your guests. For instance, you can CC in the Scheduling AI on an email to your guest and instruct it to find time “any time next week.” As far as your guest knows, you just offered him carte blanche on your schedule. Here I am emailing Dennis and CCing the Scheduling AI:

As far as Dennis knows, I have just made myself 100% available to him for absolutely any time next week. What he does not know is that I can give the Scheduling AI additional instructions on what times and dates to send. Sneaky! All I need to do is click the “Update Details” button in the email that Scheduler sends back and I can narrow down Dennis’s options without appearing to relegate him to my time scraps:

When I click the “Update Details” button, I can carve out dates and times when I actually want to meet with Dennis. Perhaps I only care to see him on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday afternoon. I can set a date range only for Monday and Tuesday:

In addition, I can set a specific time range on a date or series of dates by clicking on the “Add time ranges” button and dragging my mouse over the preferred time ranges (in this case Thursday from 3pm to 7:15pm).

Now I have effectively told Dennis that I am wide open next week and my schedule is his oyster but I then passed a note to my Scheduling AI that it should limit the times Dennis will be offered: Only the 3rd and 4th and the afternoon of the 7th:

Just to be sure, I can actually see precisely what the scheduling AI is going to send to Dennis by clicking the “Preview email” button. I can now verify that the Scheduling AI will only offer Dennis times within a narrow range, unbeknownst to him.

The end result? Dennis feels important and appreciated and my calendar is protected from his capricious scheduling whims!

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