The world consists of 2 types of meetings

We are about to tune the onboarding and my hypothesis is one where I suspect that the world really consists of 2 types of meetings:

  1. Meetings you’ve done before and will do again. These tend to align to your job. If you are a recruiter you probably do a lot of screening calls, and if you are an AE you probably do a lot of demos. These meetings should be set up as personalized meeting types, so you don’t have to repeatedly tell your software what you want.
  2. Meetings you’ve rarely or perhaps never done before and that you are unlikely to do in the near future. One-off meetings. Meetings which require you to apply specific constraints about when to meet, where it is, for how long, who is in it and their role, etc. These are ad-hoc meetings and you want a system which can cater to that without forcing you to apply a set of preferences for a single meeting.

For the former, meeting types set up ahead of time (which I assume will be the bulk of the meetings you do), you can do 2 things:

a) share a URL to your availability for this meeting type and allow people to book directly on a webpage at their convenience

b) invoke a scheduling assistant like Amy or Andrew @ using a slash command, so that you get this particular meeting pushed to success with the assistant doing all follow-up and reminders. This is you and your assistant driving the process versus letting the guest drive it

For the latter, ad-hoc meeting (which is almost all of the meetings we do at today, and I think that is an unnatural distribution), you want to see 2 things:

a) an ability for you to describe in natural language exactly what you want and when you want it. BUT ALSO…

b) some assurance that this meeting request, which is potentially important given its ad-hoc status, is verified with you before your assistant starts to deal with the people involved. So a stronger read-back that gives you the option to verify before next step

Well, more on this as we start to push this product philosophy! And if you want to participate in this spring journey, go sign up for a free trial here: !

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