The Scheduling Network: A Paradigm Shift in Productivity

What if every meeting you schedule lands on everyone’s calendar instantly, with zero back and forth, zero calendar-peeping, and zero intervention by you or your guests? That’s exactly what can happen when you’re connected with your contacts on the scheduling network. Meetings between you and your connections land on everyone’s calendars instantly!

Let’s rewind a bit… Five years ago, we started with a single focus: To schedule meetings efficiently. Today, that focus has not shifted one iota. 

We schedule meetings. No more, no less!

As long as we schedule the meeting for you and save you time, we’re happy. Whether your guest chooses a time on one of your calendar pages or whether you ask our AI assistants to reach out to your guests to find a time with each of them, as long as we get the meeting scheduled with zero pain for everyone involved, we’re happy.

But we realized that we can remove even more pain from your guests’ side of the equation. How many times have you received someone’s calendar link only to have to open your own calendar and play eyeball tennis between their availability and your calendar? Yeah, there’s no love in eyeball tennis.

We’ve improved that time-finding experience by giving your guests the ability to find a mutual time. Guests can connect their calendars and they will be presented only with time options that are mutually available. No more tab-hopping!

In fact, when everyone involved in a meeting is a user of, they essentially share the same assistant. Once a meeting is requested, our AI can check each of the participants’ calendars, their preferences for hours, days, locations, and their availability. Armed with that information and a healthy dose of smarts, our system simply books a time for everyone. Instantly!

But now with our free version of, we’re able to take that to the next level. We’ve created the ability for you to invite your contacts to connect their calendars with yours. Simply connect your calendar and we’ll show you the people with whom you meet the most. Invite them to join your network (for free) and neither of you will ever waste another moment comparing calendars. We call this Scheduling Nirvana.

We believe that this is the future of productivity. In our company, we’ll send one email (or more often one slack message) and the meeting will be confirmed and on everyone’s calendars in seconds. Seconds! And this is across multiple time zones, sleeping schedules, productivity hours, personal calendars, and dozens of other meetings, internal and external. It looks something like this.

Take a moment to think about how this changes the way we work. The image above details a seven person meeting. How long does it take you to coordinate seven peoples’ schedules? It takes a few seconds. We’ve eliminated countless hours of calendar comparing and email ping pong on every side of the equation. So go invite your contacts! We’ll automatically connect you with our own “MySpace Tom,” Dennis. Then try out a test meeting to experience the incredibly elegant new normal in scheduling.

Connect With Your Contacts