The Modern Meeting Workflow with

Scheduling a meeting is time consuming, frustrating, and prone to failure… unless you use, of course! While we can schedule your meetings for you as efficiently as robotically possible, once you are in the meeting, you’re on your own. Or are you? Our friends at have built a suite of tools that employ AI to manage your meetings while they are ongoing. From automatic transcription to talking points to suggested follow ups, their intelligent agent listens in and helps you summarize the key takeaways from a meeting.

Courtesy of Powow

Powow and are part of what they’ve dubbed the Modern Meeting Workflow. With the myriad of advanced scheduling tools available to businesses, we share their belief that the way we meet is forever shifting to a more modern and more efficient paradigm. Whether it’s automatically generating Zoom links with, coordinating with multiple guests and multiple calendars, or summarizing your meetings automatically, the tools to automate meetings are here today. Read their detailed breakdown of the modern meeting workflow on their blog.

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