So, you’re heading out for vacation…

Boarding pass? Check.
Phone and charger? Check.
Reading material for the plane/train/car? Check.
Email to your AI Assistant to let her know you’re traveling? CHECK!

Holiday season is upon us, and for most of us that means less time spent in meetings, and more time spent with family, friends, and good food, or at least, a lot of food.

Unlike us mere mortals, who need to take time off and recharge, Amy and Andrew work 24/7, 365 days a year—in this sense, they seem superhuman. They are not, however, omniscient.

Our AI assistants are only as good as the information we give them. Once you have your travel plans set, shoot Amy or Andrew an email letting them know the details to prevent them from scheduling meetings while you’re away and help them keep track of your timezone and location.

If you’re traveling and don’t want Amy to schedule while you’re away, tell her something like this:
“Amy, I’ll be OOO on vacation in San Francisco 10/31-11/5.”
Once you do, Amy and Andrew will avoid that time-range for all meetings by default. Instead, they’ll look for available times before or after.

If you’re traveling and do want Amy to schedule meetings while you’re away, tell Amy something like this:
I’ll be in San Francisco 10/31-11/5.
Amy will still schedule your meetings using this logic:

    • She’ll assume all meetings you ask to be set up during your trip are virtual meetings or calls.
    • When scheduling virtual meetings or calls, she’ll apply your preferred scheduling hours to your destination (so in this example San Francisco, which is PDT/PST).
    • To set up in-person meetings while traveling, you need to let Amy know that you would like to set up that specific meeting as an in-person meeting.
    • You’ll also need to let her know where you’d like to meet or at least that she should ask the other party for the location.

So for instance, “Amy can you set up an in-person meeting the week of 10/31? We can meet at John’s office/a spot of John’s choosing.

Amy and Andrew strive to accommodate your scheduling needs and preferences, even when you’re on the go. But be a good boss. Be sure to tell them where you’re going, when you’ll be gone, and whether you’re available for meetings or not. That way you know they’ll have you covered. And you can just relax.


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