Team Plan

AI scheduling for your whole team.

Conference Room Booking

What good is a meeting without a place to meet? Never battle over shared spaces in the office again. Connect your conference room availability to your account, and Amy + Andrew will pre-book a room. Dibs on the comfy chair.

Amy + Andrew On Your Domain

You worked hard on your brand, why should we get the credit for your ridiculously-efficient scheduling? Add your AI scheduling assistants to your company’s domain (i.e. and insert your brand into their signatures.

Integrations for your whole team

We integrate with the tools teams use like Slack, Zoom, Greenhouse, and Salesforce (coming soon), so you can put your shared productivity into hyperdrive.

We integrate with your favorite tools, like these

What's in the box?

Your schedule is too damn complicated for simplistic calendar sharing. We offer more. Lots more.

AI Assistants
  • Amy + Andrew understand natural language
  • Operate over email and Slack
  • Set up, reschedule and cancel meetings on request
  • Insert meeting details into invite and update when prompted
  • Schedule instantly with coworkers
  • Book conference rooms
  • Let you set up meetings for other people
  • Time zone conversion and accomodation for all parties
  • Respond to distinct constraints on a per meeting basis
  • Considerate follow ups when guests are unresponsive
  • Negotiate meetings with multiple participants
  • Lead time protection, no last minute surprises!
  • Reminders for meetings scheduled 10+ days in advance
Calendar Page
  • Unique URL for one-click scheduling
  • Customized welcome message
  • Lead time protection, no last minute surprises!
  • Reminders for meetings scheduled 10+ days in advance
  • Draw on the same sophisticated personalized settings as your AI assistants
  • A private search engine for all meetings with instant action buttons
  • Connect multiple calendars on Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook)
  • Put Amy + Andrew on your domain and customize their email signatures
  • Set unique scheduling hours, meeting durations and breather times
  • Set favorite in-person meeting locations
  • Set favorite virtual locations, preferred phone numbers and web conference systems
  • Add and remove team members as you see fit
  • Connect to Zoom for unique meeting links
  • Tell Amy + Andrew when you’re traveling and they won’t schedule at the office

- G2 Crowd Review

"Amy knows how to book routine meetings and is able to find good time slots for me and my clients, which is especially helpful since we frequently are in different time zones."
—Doug L.

- Google Review

"WOW. As long as you get your own personal preferences set up correctly, Amy will save you and your team a TONNE of time back-and-forthing with clients and colleagues for meeting and call times. Fantastic product and is only going to get better. Love it!!!"
—Dave E.