September Scheduling Sets Sights On Speed and Security

We’re constantly rolling out new features, and we’re continuing the summer momentum we started in June and continued through July and August. Now we’re closing out the third quarter strong with a bevy of new features for September! In addition to refining the scheduling system on a daily basis, we’ve got a host of larger features released and planned for September. Bookmark this post, as we’ll update it regularly!

New Features in this Article

  1. Accept Payments On Your Calendar Pages
  2. Add Your Logo Everywhere
  3. Custom Meeting Reminders
  4. Enhanced Zoom Security
  5. Zoom Internationalization
  6. 24 Hour Clock
  7. Accept Payment In 135+ Currencies
  8. At-A-Glance Meeting Guest Status
  9. Quick Shortcuts For The Meeting Creator
  10. Scheduler Becomes The New Default
  11. Updates To The Meeting Creator
  12. Scheduler Now Works On Slack
  13. Better Instant Meeting Notifications

Accept Payments On Your Calendar Pages

Your time is valuable. Now you can exchange that value for cash! With’s new Stripe integration you can require a payment from your guests when they schedule a new meeting with you. Simply connect your Stripe account, choose your currency and amount, and we’ll add the payment form to your Calendar Page. There is no transaction fee or other hidden cost, all you need is a Stripe account!

Add Your Logo Everywhere

All of’s accounts come with completely unbranded Calendar Pages – even our Free Forever plan includes NO branding on your Calendar Pages! However, when you upgrade to our Team Plan, you can add your company logo and splash it all over your guests’ user experience. Replace the logo in emails from your Scheduling AI, add it to your Team Calendar Pages, even include it alongside your team members’ photos on their calendar pages. When you add in your Scheduling AI on your own domain, you create an unparalleled branded experience.

put your company logo across the scheduling tool

Custom Meeting Reminders

Plagued by no-shows and people ghosting you? Now you can send gentle reminders of meetings to your guests to ensure that they show up. You can choose the timing, the number, and the text of the reminders that will be sent. The text is fully customizable using a series of powerful variables. Attach reminders to your meeting templates and create a default reminder schedule for your emailed meetings!

Customizable Meeting Reminders from help ensure your guests show up on-time and prepared.

Enhanced Zoom Security

Later this month, Zoom will require passcodes on all meetings held on their platform. Our scheduling tool has security baked in, with support for passcodes in Zoom URLs, text passcodes in the meeting invitation, and more legible formatting for the Zoom joining information in the meeting invitation.

Zoom Internationalization

The great thing about Zoom is that you can meet with anyone anywhere in the world at any time. Now you can set your region in your Zoom account and will provide the proper dial-in numbers according to your preferences. You can access Zoom’s Global Dial-In settings in your Zoom account and we’ll use those when attaching phone numbers to your Zoom meetings.

24-Hour Clock

Speaking of internationalization, we’ve begun making a much-anticipated change to how we display times. Now your guests can toggle between AM/PM times and the international standard 24-hour clock. We’re adding this throughout the platform starting with your Calendar Pages and will soon roll it out as a “global” setting.

Accept Payment In 135+ Currencies

Staying with the internationalization theme, we’ve also added over 100 different currencies to our Stripe payments integration. Now you can choose your local currency from a list of more than 135 different currencies.

At-A-Glance Meeting Guest Status

While we always show you exactly what is going on behind the scenes while your Scheduling AI is reaching out to your guests, we’ve now moved the status of your guests front and center with easily recognizable icons letting you know who is holding up a meeting and might need an additional nudge. You’ll see the meeting status icons in your account and in your Daily Meeting Prep email.

Quick Shortcuts For The Meeting Creator

You’ve always been able to set meetings with your Scheduling Network connections instantly with one click, but now you can create shortcuts to instantly meet with multiple people! Simply employ our new URL parameters on the Meeting Creator. Simply add email addresses for guests, an introduction, and/or a meeting title to the URL and your meeting will be ready to schedule! You can add the parameters guests, introduction, and title. Try this link for an example and take a look at the URL:

Pro Tip: Use our Meeting Creator Bookmark Generator to create quick one-click links you can save and revisit to schedule meetings!

Scheduler Becomes The New Default

A few months ago we launched a new option for your Scheduling AI, the aptly-named Well, after closely monitoring Scheduler’s performance in scheduling meetings for our users, we determined that using this decidedly non-human option is more efficient at getting meetings on your calendar. Therefore, is now our default AI Scheduling AI. Don’t forget, our Team plan users can add Scheduler to their own domain and remove the logo from scheduling emails!

Pro Tip: The tool uses the most recent Scheduling AI you used as your default. So if you want to use for all of your meetings, just send it an email and book a meeting. Voila! It is now your default Scheduling AI!

Updates To The Meeting Creator

We’ve added new design features and updates to the Meeting Creator to give you even more control over how your meetings get scheduled. Don’t take our word for it, though, check out the video our own Lauren McCullough put together:

Scheduler Now Works On Slack

As more of our users begin adopting as their preferred Scheduling AI, we want to add more and more options for using this new Scheduling AI. To that end, we’ve added /scheduler to our award-winning Slack meeting scheduling integration in addition to /amy and /andrew. Here’s actual meetings set by our team here at

schedule meetings in slack

Better Instant Meeting Notifications

When you’re scheduling a meeting with one of your connections in the Scheduling Network, our scheduling engine is able to check everyone’s calendars and preferences in real time, “negotiate” an ideal time instantaneously, and let you know that the meeting is set. We’re working hard on exposing these magic meetings whenever they happen, over email or over Slack!

Scheduling confirmation over email

Scheduling confirmation over Slack

So Much More To Come!

At, we’re in the business of saving you time and impressing the socks off of your meeting guests. If there are features or tweaks that will help us accomplish these goals, let us know @xdotai!