Send Meeting Invites to Multiple Calendars

One calendar rarely tells the full story. Whether you’re managing meetings at work, corralling the condominium board, juggling kid commitments — or all of the above — your scheduling tool needs to work across every calendar to be effective.

Making sure you’re not double-booked is table stakes, the bare minimum you should expect from a scheduling tool. With, you can connect unlimited calendars to create a complete picture of your availability. Other calendar services, like Calendly, limit the number of calendars you can connect.

With you can route meeting invites to any of your connected calendars. Other calendar services like Calendly restrict you to only scheduling meetings to one calendar, even if you have more than one connected.

How to Schedule Meetings and Add Them to Different Calendars

connect unlimited calendars to schedule meetings

You can connect an unlimited number of calendars with any of’s premium plans, and you can route meetings to specific calendars throughout the scheduling tool.

Add Calendar Page meetings to a specific calendar

When you’re customizing one of your unlimited meeting templates, you can select a specific calendar that these meetings should be routed to. Whether it’s a Candidate Interview for your primary business calendar, a Webinar for your side hustle’s calendar, or a Date Night for your personal calendar, we’ve got your covered.

Automatically route meetings over email to the correct calendar

When you initiate a meeting with one of the Scheduling AIs, they’ll intelligently find the right calendar based on the email you’re using. This means that events will be scheduled to the calendar it belongs to based on where the conversation started.

If you prefer, you can customize this setting to have all meetings scheduled to 1 calendar that you select.

Select your calendar with the Meeting Creator

With the Meeting Creator, you can schedule a meeting with any number of people in seconds. Give it a title and choose when and where the meeting will happen. Add your guests and select which calendar you want the event to be sent to.

Create a link to send to guests, or let the Scheduling AI send guests available times. Easy AND efficient!

It’s Time to Get Serious about Scheduling

Put to work for you and let the tool find available times for meetings.

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