Scheduling for Sales and Business Development

Automate your meeting scheduling at every step of your sales funnel and increase your lead to opportunity and close rates

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Meeting Scheduling for Every Stage in your Sales Funnel 

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Capture inbound interest from your prospecting efforts

Build custom calendar pages to allow your prospects to take action immediately and schedule the right type of meeting with your sales team with no back and forth. Share Calendar Page links in email, in pre-made templates, or in LinkedIn messages.

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Manage inbound leads at scale with SDR Round Robin meeting templates

Never miss another demo request with Round Robin Calendar Pages that assign demos to any available salesperson. Embed Calendar Pages on your lead generation pages and capture custom data from your prospects.

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Facilitate easy handoff between your SDR and Account Manager

Combine meeting scheduling with the handoff email automatically by CCing your Scheduling AI on the introductory email. The AI will coordinate between the lead and the Account Executive to find a time.

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Manage follow up calls and prevent no-shows automatically

Never let a lead go cold by automating reminders and setting follow up calls immediately after qualifying leads.

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Bring your team and your prospects’ team together with zero friction

When you need buy-in from multiple parties both internal and external, your Scheduling AI will identify times that work for everyone and schedule the meeting with no effort from you. Bring decision makers to the table faster. You can even create a combined Calendar Page for an Account Executive and Sales Specialist when both are needed to close a deal.

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Update your CRM pipeline automatically when meetings are scheduled

Automate your workflows and keep your CRM in sync with your meeting scheduling using our powerful integrations.

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Meeting Templates for Sales Professionals

Time is money and when you are in sales on commission, you do not want to waste either. These Meeting Templates can help you speed up your pipeline and move prospects from initial call to close.

Qualification Call

Meeting Template

Capture inbound sales leads and schedule Zoom calls with them

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Sales Demo

Meeting Template

A 45 minute virtual meeting to present to customers.

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Sales Inquiry

Meeting Template

20 minute call, requires their phone number, Round Robin.

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We have a really good lead generation process and is the final piece. Instead of SDR filtering leads, does it. If a lead schedules an appointment, that’s a great mechanism for understanding whether that’s a good lead.

Bill Bice, CEO of boomtime

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