Scheduling for Recruiters: Screening and Interviews

Recruiting and sourcing effectively requires speed, efficiency, and good instincts. Developing instincts and acumen is up to you, but we can help with the speed and efficiency! Recruiters and hiring professionals spend a great deal of time searching for candidates and speaking with those candidates, evaluating them for positions, and the less time they spend chasing candidates down to schedule interviews, the more time they have to source talent.

Hiring professionals at thousands of organizations use to speed up their workflows, offload mundane scheduling chores, and get calls on the calendar faster than they could otherwise. We reached out to several top recruiters who have been generous enough to share their secret sauce and have come up with a couple of ready-made Meeting Templates that you can add to your account right now to get you scheduling interviews more efficiently. Obviously you need an account to use them, so go set up a free account first. Want more? Check out our Meeting Template Library for dozens of constantly updated templates you can import to your account!

In this article:

  1. Phone Screen Scheduling
  2. Scheduling Interviews With Hiring Managers
  3. The Post-Interview Debriefing

Phone Screen Scheduling

If there is one type of meeting that sourcing and hiring professionals do over and over and over, it is the initial phone screen with a candidate. The last thing you want to do is waste precious days of back and forth emails trying to schedule a short call that, statistically speaking, is unlikely to amount to much. The good news is that phone screens are the ideal use case for Meeting Templates. They are nearly identical meetings that you do over and over again.

Initial Screening Call

Meeting Template

Quick 20 minute phone call, you call them

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How it works

This meeting template uses a variety of features that you can build on and customize. First, we’ll set the location. In this example we’re using the Zoom integration to automatically generate a secure Zoom link and passcode and attach them to the invitation. You can also choose “Phone Call | I’ll call guest,” which will make a phone number a required field on your Calendar Pages.

Next, we’ll set a few settings for when this can be scheduled. A duration of 20 minutes gives you enough time to ask the necessary phone screen questions. Setting the calls to be booked on the half hour builds in some time to rest or go overtime with a chatty candidate. Setting the Available Dates option to 7 days forces the candidate to schedule with you within a week while the Lead Time option won’t let them schedule last-minute (just last hour).

No-shows are the bane of a recruiter’s existence. Not only does it leave a gap in your schedule, but it also returns you to square one with regard to scheduling the call. That’s why we’re adding a custom reminder to this Meeting Template to go out three hours in advance of the meeting. The reminder contains a link to the meeting page where the candidate can reschedule with one click if need be. Want to customize the reminder further or add additional reminders? Just upgrade to one of our premium plans.

Pro Tip: You can speed up scheduling and eliminate follow-up by using this meeting template over email with a Slash Command. Just email the candidate, CC your Scheduling AI (, and include /screen anywhere in the email and the AI will immediately reach out to them to schedule. Want to get really fancy? Trigger this email from your ATS and use our Zapier integration to notify your ATS when it gets scheduled! 🔥

Scheduling Interviews With Hiring Managers

Whether you’re a contract recruiter or an in-house recruiter, when it comes time to move a candidate to the next round you are introducing a new level of complexity as a facilitator for two or more parties. Fortunately for you, handles multiple-participant meetings with aplomb. We’ll now create a meeting template designed to be used over email with a Slash Command to hand over the reins to the hiring manager.

Candidate Interview

Meeting Template

45 minute meeting arranged between candidate and hiring manager

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How it works

For this Meeting Template I am going to use Google Meet. You can use any conferencing service you like, but be aware that you will be the meeting organizer, so the other participants will need to be able to join without you on the call. To be safe you can use our friend “Phone Call | I’ll call guest” and the candidate will need to provide their phone number.

In my pretend world, this particular hiring manager is situated in California, so I am going to set the Meeting Template’s default time zone to the hiring manager’s time zone. Candidates can change this if they like to view times in their own time zone, this just allows us to set reasonable hours for the hiring manager.

Because I plan on using this Meeting Template as a Slash Command meeting initiated over email with the Scheduling AI, I can control how often and how many times the AI will follow up with the candidate and the hiring manager if they do not respond. For this template, I have set these follow ups to the most aggressive setting, every day for four straight days.

Now for the fun part! I will restrict access to this Meeting Template’s Calendar Page by making it private. I do not want just anyone booking time because… I have also made myself optional for this meeting. This means that my availability will be ignored by the scheduling engine and only the candidate’s and hiring manager’s availability needs to be taken into account. I’ll still own the invite, but I do not have to show up.

Next, I’ll add some notes to be attached to the meeting invitation when it is sent to the participants. You can modify these notes when you copy the meeting template to your own account.

Once again I am adding a custom meeting reminder to go out to both of them a few hours prior to the interview. You may wish to add another reminder to ensure there are no no-shows that might reflect poorly on you.

Now you’re ready to send this Meeting Template to both guests as a Slash Command, /interview. Remember, using a Slash Command over email cues the Scheduling AI to immediately begin scheduling with the settings from the Meeting Template.

Pro Tip: If the hiring manager is connected to you in the Scheduling Network the AI will not need to ask them for their availability, it will only need the candidate’s. In addition, internal recruiters who can see their colleagues’ calendars can also auto-schedule with them using Coworker Calendars, a feature of the Team plan.

The Post-Interview Debriefing

A good recruiter moves the process along quickly, so it is important that the next steps be set up quickly. To this end we’ve created a Meeting Template for a short post-interview debrief with the candidate to plan next steps and get their feedback. You can also use this with the hiring manager to get their feedback.

Interview Follow Up

Meeting Template

15 minute debrief with your candidate soon after the interview

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How it works

Now that the first interview is in the books, time is of the essence. That’s why for this meeting I am only going to allow a rolling period of three days into the future and I’ll allow calls on weekends. It’s only a 15 minute call and we need to keep the process moving!

Once again, I am going to make this Meeting Template private and hide it from my homepage. I do not want just anyone booking my time on a weekend, it has to be worth my while!

I can use this template as a Slash Command over email, but since it is a 1-on-1 meeting I can also send my Calendar Page URL and have them book time. Hiding the Meeting Template from my homepage does not block it from the people who I want to have the link.

Pro Tip: Sometimes (OK, most times) you do not want a candidate to be able to book your time at will. For these situations you can use a One-Time Link to schedule a meeting with them. You send the link to whomever you need to meet with and they can use it exactly once. Your calendar is protected from them thereafter.

Have a Meeting Template to Share?

We’re always eager to hear from our customers, so if you are a real estate agent and have a particular type of meeting you schedule with, let me know! You can reach me at with your ideas!

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