Scheduling for Recruiters and HR

Automate your meeting scheduling at every step of the hiring process and dramatically reduce time-to-fill.

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Scheduling for Every Step of the Hiring Process

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Gracefully Hand-off Scheduled Candidates to Hiring Managers

You can use your Scheduling AI to instantly coordinate a time for an interview with your team and your candidate with a simple email. Let the AI reach out to all of the participants and nudge everybody into a consensus while you focus on sourcing and other equally important tasks. Should there be any unresponsive guests or delays in this process, the AI will let you know so you can intervene.

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Automate Post-Interview Engagement

Automatically follow-up with candidates after interviews to keep the process moving; whether you need an internal debrief, a second round of interviews, or reference calls, you can schedule any number of customized next steps with zero pain.

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Schedule Instantly with Internal Hiring Managers

Use to instantly book candidate assessments and debriefs with individual interviewers or the full panel. Your powerful scheduling tool will find availability for everyone automatically!

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Keep Your ATS Up To Date Automatically

Create new candidate records in real time as potential hires schedule meetings with your team. Trigger outgoing emails so your Scheduling AI can automatically set up meetings and update your recruiting pipeline in real time with our powerful Zapier integration.

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Branded Experience For Candidates And Their References

Brand every touchpoint with your own branding. Customize every aspect of the scheduling experience for your candidates and their references with branded Calendar Pages and emails.

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Manage Employee Onboarding Smoothly

Quickly and automatically schedule sessions post-hire for your new employees with post-meeting automation whether they are in-person, remote, or anywhere in between.

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Explore Pre-Built Meeting Templates for Recruiters and HR

Recruiters love’s Meeting Templates for scheduling meetings at all points in the hiring process. This selection of Meeting Templates from our Meeting Template Library was designed by recruiters and hiring managers who use Read a detailed explanation of these Meeting Templates.

Initial Screening Call

Meeting Template

Quick 20 minute phone call, you call them

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Candidate Interview

Meeting Template

45 minute meeting arranged between candidate and hiring manager

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Interview Follow Up

Meeting Template

15 minute debrief with your candidate soon after the interview

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Employee Onboarding

Meeting Template

A 90 minute session set in the morning, max 1 per day.

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3rd Round Interview

Meeting Template

A 1 hour Google Meet call, limited to one per day.

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Reference Call

Meeting Template

Quick 15 minute phone call, they call you, with a maximum of 5 per day

+add template isn't just a calendar automation – it's a machine-learning driven coordination and scheduling automation platform. In other words – saves time, money, and gives a great experience to it's users.

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