Scheduling for Freelancers: How to Book New Business Instantly

The Best Calendar Management App for Entrepreneurs

Time is money and time spent trying to make money is different than time spent making money. is the best calendar management tool for entrepreneurs to to save time and money because it handles your daily meetings and engagements. But did you know it can also help you book your premium services? If you have a flat fee consultation or coaching service, you can use to facilitate booking them. If you offer regular coaching, you can use to help clients book their first call and pay a deposit on their package! I use a dedicated Calendar Page to help my clients book 1 Hour Consultations, pay for the service, and review the terms of their payments. Then I use Zapier to create automated workflows that help me tackle important admin tasks so I can process new business instantly.

How does it work?


  1. Once a lead presses the “Let’s Go” button, they’re taken to my page.
  2. This meeting template shows only the availability I have reserved on my calendar to do hourly consultations. Here, they select the time they would like to meet.
  3. helps me create a form before paying, using Stripe to process secure payments. Since the payment is sent at the time of booking, I’ve included a briefer of the payment terms just before the schedule meeting button.

This covers the basics, but still leaves a lot to be done afterwards such as sending an invoice/receipt or recording the new consultation in my task manager. That’s why I’m going to walk you through a few ways to use Zapier to automate your business. for Freelancers: Ways to Automate Your New Customer Process

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