Scheduling for Executive Assistants

Reduce the time it takes to coordinate meetings for your executive.

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For Teams Of Every Size

Meeting Scheduling tools for every type of meeting, from 1-on-1s to board meetings

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Copy And Paste Your Executive’s Availability

Create Meeting Templates for your executives and copy available options into messages for easier, faster scheduling.

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Schedule Meetings Over Email Automatically

Send an email to meeting participants and CC your executive to automatically offer available times to the participants via your Scheduling AI.

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Preview Scheduling Emails Before They’re Sent

When creating a new meeting, you can preview what will be sent to your meeting participants to ensure maximum options for them.

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Automate Reminders and Follow Ups

Set automatic reminders before a meeting to make sure meeting participants show up and automate follow-up notes as well.

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Easily Cancel Or Reschedule

With a single click you can automatically reschedule meetings to the next available time or for a custom time.

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Include Yourself On All Meetings

Make yourself an optional attendee by copying yourself on all meeting invitations or by saying you are optional, thus ignoring your own availability.

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Instantly Schedule Internal Meetings

If you can see coworkers' calendars then can determine their free/busy times and schedule internal meetings instantly!

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Meeting Templates for Busy Executives

Whether being used by an Executive Assistant or by an executive themselves, these Meeting Templates are designed to schedule carefully constructed meetings with a variety of internal and external guests.

1:1 Meeting

Meeting Template

A quick catch-up meeting for executives and direct reports

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Investor Update

Meeting Template

A 50 minute meeting to update investors

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Client Dinner

Meeting Template

A two hour evening appointment, maximum of 1 per day.

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Scheduling across time zones and with multiple parties has become so much easier when everyone involved is super busy.

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