Scheduling for Educators and Teachers

Automate scheduling time for office hours, faculty meetings, parent conferences, trainings, and more.

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For Teams Of Every Size

Scheduling for Classes of Any Size

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Host Office Hours In Person or Virtually

Create Calendar Pages for your students to claim blocks of time during your office hours. Automatically add buffer time between these blocks in case the conversation runs long and set limits on the number of meetings that can be scheduled per day or week.

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Teach as a Team

Use Round Robin scheduling pages to allow students to book with any teacher, professor, or teaching assistant who is available. Maximize your teaching team’s availability to better address student needs.

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Schedule Tutoring and Mentoring Sessions

Set up one-on-one sessions with your students quickly and easily. Tutors can accept payment at the time of scheduling through our payment integrations.

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Instantly Book Faculty Meetings

Add your Scheduling AI to an email to find times that work for you and your colleagues based on everyone’s overlapping availability.

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Brand the Entire Scheduling Experience

Customize every scheduling touchpoint with your photos, logos, and even custom email addresses for your Scheduling AI. Create unlimited personalized Calendar Pages for any purpose or audience so your students can book your time instantly.

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Easily Host Classes and Seminars

Allow multiple people to book at the same time, limit the number of participants, and attach custom location details to invitations, whether virtual or in-person.

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Automate Post-Class Follow Up

Create automatic follow ups for students after a scheduled class is completed. Send notes, links to slide decks, and assignments for next time with no additional effort.

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Meeting Templates for Educators

The unique challenges of scheduling for educators vary only slightly from Kindergarten through PhD programs. We’ve put together a handful of Meeting Templates that will get you scheduling smoothly, whether it’s virtual office hours, seminars, or tutoring.

Virtual Office Hours

Meeting Template

10 minute back-to-back virtual meetings with students

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Virtual Class Session

Meeting Template

50 minute session with unlimited registrants per time slot

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Meeting Template

Mon-Thu after school hours over zoom for $50 per hour

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I am a HUGE fan of It has already saved me so much time in just the first few days I’ve been using it.

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