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Provide distinct scheduling availability, questions and follow-up for all customer tiers and track meeting activity in your system of record.

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Meeting Scheduling for every step in your Customer Support and Account Management relationships.

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Use pooled availability to maximize scheduling options for customers

Using our Round-Robin team calendars you can offer shared availability across your entire team, including multiple time zones, and allow your customers to book the first available time slot while we distribute meetings fairly across the team.

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Schedule meetings with multiple members of your team at the same time

Some meetings need you to bring in a product expert, a solutions engineer, or another expert colleague, and with combined team calendar pages you can show the customer exactly when this is possible and allow them to schedule it.

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Facilitate seamless handover from Sales to Account Management and Success Teams

Share your teammates’ availability over email or chat and give customers access to one-click scheduling with any or all of your team. Introduce new customers to account managers and schedule their next meeting, without you having to participate, in the same email.

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Allow customers to schedule time directly from your site

Embed your calendar pages directly on your site so customers and clients can easily find time to connect with you and team. Customize the experience for your customers with complete branding and custom confirmation pages.

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Pass through Customer and Support Ticket ID when setting up a meeting

Generate custom scheduling links that pre-fill guest information for even faster scheduling, pass custom fields to your calendar pages, and send information to and from your calendar pages to track meeting activity by support ticket ID. Include Google Analytics for additional insights into meeting scheduling.

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Automate communication before and after customer support calls

Leverage customizable reminders to decrease your no-show rate and prep your customers with information that they will need for the upcoming meeting. After the meeting, automatically follow up with next steps, a thank you, or a customer support performance survey.

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Cater to multiple tiers of customers using varied scheduling settings

Create hidden and password-protected pages for different tiers of customer service and support. Utilize integrated payments to collect support fees at the time of scheduling for pay-as-you go customer support plans.

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Create account management cadences and automatic check-ins

Automate the scheduling of periodic meetings such as quarterly business reviews by triggering scheduling emails to your customers and CCing your Scheduling AI.

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Maintain customer data by integrating with your system of record

Use powerful integration tools through Zapier to maintain your customer records across your various systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk, or any other system. Any meeting scheduled should be saved back into your system of record for full support of existing organizational processes.

Get started with for Support and Account Management

Meeting Templates for Customer Support

Efficiency is paramount when managing customer relationships through Account Management and Customer Success teams. Use these Meeting Templates to get started.

VIP Support Call

Meeting Template

Private, passcode protected 20 minute call with any available tier 1 support person.

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Paid Support

Meeting Template

Requires a $25 payment for a 30 minute call support with follow up survey.

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Quarterly Review

Meeting Template

Books a 90 minute meeting at least a week in advance.

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Being able to instantly schedule with coworkers and customers is elevating to true Enterprise class, without forgetting their SMB roots. This, along with ease of incremental adoption, automation and price point make an easy choice to streamline inefficient, legacy scheduling practices.

Kevin Groat, Sr. Manager, Global Cloud Readiness at VMware

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