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Slack is the communication backbone for many teams, the central place for information sharing, and this is especially true today as teams continue to work remotely. The best teams know when to move a conversation out of Slack and into a meeting, and’s free Slack app makes this simple to do. lets you schedule meetings directly in Slack, no matter what channel or DM you’re hopping between. Use the commands /amy, /andrew, or /scheduler, and @mention your guests with the meeting details. You’ll receive an immediate confirmation that is only visible to you, with the options to schedule the meeting with the details suggested by the scheduling engine or make updates. Easy AND efficient!

What if my meeting guests aren’t part of my Slack organization?

We’ve got your covered! You can also initiate a meeting with people from outside your organization by adding your guests’ full email addresses to your Slack command. You can also include email addresses and @mentions. It looks something like this:

Schedule meetings on the go

Use the Slack app to quickly schedule meetings from your phone. You can include all of the specifics (where, when, how) or leave them out. The tool will automatically use your scheduling defaults for anything you don’t specify.

No need to worry about annoying your coworkers with a cluttered-up channel. They’ll only see the meeting request from you and an acknowledgment from that the tool is working on finding a time to meet. You can also initiate meetings in direct messages, or even in a DM to yourself. 

Pro Tip: Type in the command /meetings to see a summary of the meetings is scheduling for you

Instant meeting scheduling on Slack

When you initiate a meeting with other users, the scheduling engine can review everyone’s availability and preferences to schedule the meeting instantly. In Slack, this means that the tool will suggest a time that works for everyone based on your request. The tool will also tell you if the time you asked for doesn’t work, and give you the opportunity to easily adjust your request. This is why is such a powerful solution for small and large teams alike.

Your time is valuable! Let automate the most tedious parts of scheduling for you.

Looking for even more productivity?

The completely redesigned Chrome extension brings the full power of the scheduling engine into your browser. Get quick access to directly from your calendar and easily copy time options into an email for your next meeting.

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.