Schedule Google Meetings with Amy

At, Google Meet (aka Google Hangouts) is the main way that we connect and collaborate with each other. It allows us to meet seamlessly with small or large groups, anywhere in the world – and we know we aren’t alone. Tons of our customers use Google for their meetings, which is why you can now set up a meeting through that will automatically provide a Google Meet link. Cool, right?

Starting now (yep, like right now), you’ll start seeing Google Meet links in meetings scheduled by Amy. For our Google Calendar users, that is. If you’re a Microsoft Office user, you can always set a Google Meet link as your preferred video conference link in your control center (and if you’re having any trouble, head over to our FAQ).

To trigger a Google Meet meeting, simply ask Amy to “set up a Google Meet meeting.” Or, even easier, you can set your default location to Google Meet. This will mean that every meeting that utilizes your default location will automatically include a Google Meet link with no extra steps on your end.

Simple, effective solutions. That’s what we’re all about. Let us know if you have any feedback or questions, we’re always happy to chat. Happy scheduling, friends!

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