Prepare for Tomorrow Today with’s Daily Meeting Prep

Your Daily Meeting Prep email is built to save you time by giving you a summary of the day ahead. Today, we’re excited to share a new, unique feature: You’ll now see the name, titles, company and LinkedIn URLs for every guest in every meeting.

Picture this: You have a packed day with several important meetings. You open up your calendar and open each meeting, one at a time, to see the participants. For the people you don’t know, you copy their name and search for them on LinkedIn to prepare. You’re doing this 5-10 times a day, if not more. It’s not hard, but it’s tedious.

an example of's Daily Meeting Prep email

One fateful day, you sign up for That evening (and each subsequent evening), you open up a customized Daily Meeting Prep email with information on the next day’s meetings. You quickly review the day ahead: You scan the list of people you’re meeting with. You click on a few LinkedIn profiles to brush up. Then you close the email and carry on with your night. Boom — time saved!

Veteran users know our team is always hungry for feedback to make our product better. As we’ve worked to overhaul the Daily Meeting Prep email over the last few months, we’ve prioritized that feedback and incorporated these new features that you’ve asked for.

The Daily Meeting Prep email is available for all users, for free, forever. Make sure you have it turned ON in your preferences, then add to your address book, contacts, or safe sender list.

Give it a whirl and tell us what else we should add to make it even more valuable. We’ll do anything to save you time!

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