Round Robin Meeting Scheduling For Teams

Sometimes a customer just needs to meet with someone from your team and they want to speak to the first person available. With Round Robin scheduling for teams from, you can give your customers even more flexibility and time options while sharing your inbound meetings across your entire team. A new team-oriented twist on our already robust combined calendar pages, Round Robin enables you to schedule with ANY of your team in addition to being able to schedule with ALL of your team.

What is Round Robin scheduling?

Round Robin is simply assigning a meeting to each participant in turn. The term itself has dates back to the 16th century as a means of signing a document in a circular fashion to obfuscate signing order. Today it means assigning a meeting in a circular fashion, with each participant having an equal chance at receiving the meeting. In practice, this means that you can create an Calendar Page shared by your team and each time a guest schedules a meeting through that page, we’ll assign it randomly to an available team member while giving your guest the maximum available options.

Who should use Round Robin scheduling?

Round Robin is perfect for situations when any of your team members can answer your customer’s questions equally well. It is ideal for sales teams, support teams, personal trainers, attorneys, and other professions where inbound interest can turn into a client for any number of your team members.

PROTIP: Use our flexible and customizable Calendar Page embedding feature to add your Round Robin Calendar Page to your own website!

How to set up a Round Robin Calendar Page

In your account, go to your Scheduling Preferences and click on the “Team Meeting Templates” menu item to go to your Team Meeting Templates page. Choose the “New Round Robin Template” button at the top of the page.

After giving your Calendar Page a name and a URL, you’ll want to add your team members to it. Start typing or select their name from the drop down reading “Select a team member.” You will want to select both a calendar and a location for each team member, but we will use the default settings for each if you choose not to select one.

Update any additional settings such as scheduling hours, meeting duration, and messaging for the calendar page. Once you have saved the page, you can add it to your website, put it in your email signature, or send the URL directly to your guests.

When a visitor schedules a meeting on your shared Round Robin calendar page, the scheduling engine will select an available team member at random and schedule the meeting with them. By employing Round Robin calendar pages your guests get maximum speed and efficiency and your team can optimize their productivity.

PRO TIP: When you use our updated Zapier integration, all Round Robin meetings scheduled are sent to team admins whether they are on the meeting or not, so you can always keep track of your team’s activity!

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