Replace the Logo in Emails With Your Own

If you use our Team plan (and you should), you’ve probably already set up your AI scheduling assistants to send emails from your domain. You’ve probably also customized their email signature so it’s clear they’re part of your team. 

What you haven’t done yet (hence this blog post) is replace the logo in your emails from Amy and Andrew with your own logo. That’s because this highly-impactful feature for our Team plan users is newly available! Now you can add your company logo and replace the logo in all of the emails that go to your guests. Put your best brand forward and make the right impression to your guests while increasing trust and thus the likelihood of getting the meeting on the calendar.

To add your logo, simply go to your Team preferences page, upload your logo, and turn on the option to use your logo in emails. That’s it! Your logo will appear in all email communications in addition to appearing on your Combined Calendar Pages.

Have questions or have a feature you’d like to see added? Let us know at!

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