What’s new at x.ai in October 2017

Here’s what we do at x.ai: we solve meeting scheduling. That’s the only thing. We come to the office every day and hunker down to work on making meeting scheduling through AI the best experience possible. While we’re pretty good at it already, we still have much work to do to smooth Amy and Andrew’s edges and make them even more intuitive.

That’s why we push daily updates to Amy and Andrew to help them better understand you, improve their accuracy and deliver new features. Here are the key updates we’ve made to Amy and Andrew over the past month:

  • There’s a learning curve that comes with using an AI assistant and getting the most of them, so we updated our onboarding flow on my.x.ai for new users. Now it highlights best practices around how to get started using Amy and Andrew.
  • Amy and Andrew now also help you learn how to use specific features. Context-specific onboarding help now appears directly in their dialogue. For example, whenever you set up a meeting in person, but don’t have a default location for that meeting type, Amy or Andrew will remind you that you can save time by setting a default.
  • We’re focusing on improving Amy’s accuracy,  dialogue, and reducing system errors, and you can help us: participants can now rate Amy’s work and provide additional feedback.


  • Optional guests no longer have the power to throw off your calendar. In the past if an optional guest (someone who doesn’t need to attend) asked to reschedule a meeting, Amy would get to work, which could inadvertently derail a meeting. Now, when an optional guest asks to reschedule a meeting, Amy will check in with the host before doing so.
  • Business is global and time zone confusion is real, so Amy will now fully write out the time zone name along with the acronym so your guests know exactly when the meeting is scheduled.
    • For example, Amy will now say “2:00 PM IST (India Standard Time)” instead of just “2:00 PM IST.”

  • We’ve also fixed a bunch of minor bugs and improved stability so Amy is more responsive and accurate.