A selection of pro-tips from team x.ai + Amy’s bosses :)

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Have an important meeting you want to keep an eye on? Ask Amy and Andrew for its status at any time and they’ll tell you who has confirmed a time, who they’re still waiting on, and any pending location information.  

You can see exactly what transpired between Amy and Andrew and your guests for a specific meeting by asking them for their correspondence and they’ll reply with the complete transcript e.g. “Amy could you send me your correspondence with Shirley?”

You only eat dinner after 7:30pm or need 15 minutes between all of your in-person meetings – Amy and Andrew understand. Add your favorite coffee shop, scheduling hours, skype ID, etc. on my.x.ai so they can remember it for future meetings.

By default, Amy and Andrew schedule your meetings on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. If you have different preferred scheduling hours, just set your scheduling hours online at my.x.ai.

In addition to your default hours, you can also tell Amy and Andrew if you prefer to take breakfast meetings only on Wednesdays and Fridays between 8AM and 10 AM, calls after lunch, or don’t want any in-person meetings on Mondays, and they’ll use these rules unless you tell them otherwise.

Log on to my.x.ai and set your scheduling hours for activities and meeting types.

Amy and Andrew understand that taking a call doesn’t normally require as much time as meeting in-person would. So if you’d prefer all your calls to be 30 minutes, drinks meetings to be two hours long, and an hour for Google Hangouts, you can add that online at my.x.ai, and they’ll adjust your standard meeting durations accordingly.


Breather time is something Amy and Andrew can use to make sure you have a little breathing room or prep time before and after all your meetings. You can set it by meeting type, so if you prefer to leave 20 minutes between your in-person meetings, but only 15 minutes between Skype calls or any online meetings, just edit your default meeting breather times on my.x.ai, and they’ll make sure to do just that.


Amy and Andrew will only schedule events for times that are set as available on your calendar. However, if you want them to schedule a particular meeting over a time you already have set as “busy” on your calendar, be sure to cue them, e.g. “Amy – disregard my busy time on Friday, you can schedule this meeting for that day,” and they’ll be sure to do exactly that.

Learn about how you can set events as available or busy here.

You’re lying on a beach somewhere, attending Burning Man, or just swamped and not available for meetings – whatever the reason, let Amy and Andrew know the exact dates and they won’t schedule you for anything during that time unless you specifically ask. You can add any travel plans and OOO information on my.x.ai.

Avoid having to choose a location for every meeting by adding your favorite place to meet on my.x.ai. You can set your default location to your office, phone, Skype or wherever you meet most often, and they will use it for all meetings unless you or your guests cue them otherwise.

Don’t remember what meeting preferences you’ve told Amy and Andrew so far? You can always ask them e.g. “Andrew – what are my preferences?” If you don’t have anything set-up yet, let’s start with your scheduling hours. You can view or set your preferences at any time by emailing Amy and Andrew or checking them on my.x.ai.

Amy and Andrew will automatically title your meetings. Their default is to include participants’ names, number attending from each company, meeting type, and guests’ company name in the meeting title on your invite: “Samantha (2), John | Call – x.ai.

For events that they send to your calendar only (so no guests involved), Amy and Andrew will use the subject line of the email you sent them. If you’d like a specific meeting title, you can always cue Amy and Andrew in at any point in the email chain e.g. Amy, please make the subject of this meeting “Review Financial Reports.” Use words like subject or title and quotation marks around the title itself so Amy and Andrew are sure to see what you mean.

If Amy and Andrew have scheduled a meeting for you 10+ days in advance, they’ll send you and your guests a friendly email confirmation closer to the meeting time, just in case it slipped anyone’s mind.


Amy and Andrew always send the invite to the email address they received the meeting request from unless you cue them otherwise. If you want all of your invites to be sent to one calendar, you can set that email address up as your default on my.x.ai, ensuring that all your meetings end up in the same place.

If you have a short note or message for your guests you’d like to be on the invite for a particular meeting, just cue Amy and Andrew e.g. “Amy, can you add this note to the invite: ‘{NAME} Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx.’“

You can also add a default note to all your invites on my.x.ai with our Professional and Business editions.

If you have additional instructions or specific constraints for a meeting that you don’t want your guest to see, you can always email Amy or Andrew separately within the meeting thread. They’ll schedule the meeting according to your wishes, e.g. “Amy – I’m just doing him a favor, so let’s keep this to 30 min,” or “Andrew – I’m likely to head out early on Friday, so let’s try before 2pm.“

If their boss declines the meeting invitation, Amy and Andrew see that as a sign of their boss not wanting the meeting anymore, and sends out a cancellation to take the invite off of everyone’s calendar while asking you if you’d like to reschedule. If a guest declines the meeting invite, Amy and Andrew understand that the time may no longer work, and immediately start rescheduling.

Amy and Andrew will always work their hardest to schedule each and every one of your meetings, so if one gets scheduled offline or is no longer necessary, don’t forget to let them know they don’t need to follow up anymore e.g. “Amy, don’t worry about the meeting with Zack, I took care of it.”

Have a black tie event that you RSVP’d to and just want it on your calendar? Simply email Amy and Andrew the when and where, and they’ll add it to your calendar.

e.g.  Subject: Yankees Game

Amy, I’ve got Yankees tickets Tues the 8th, please add it to my calendar for 7pm.

Subject: Drinks with Mark

Hi Andrew, my buddy Mark is in town next Thursday. We’re grabbing drinks at 6pm, mind putting it on my calendar? Location TBD.

Amy always asks for an exact address to schedule your meetings so you and your guest don’t miss each other at “the Starbucks near my office.” However, when you have meetings where address details aren’t required, be sure to cue Amy in so she doesn’t ask for an address, e.g. “Amy – set up a meeting for me and Chris on Tuesday in conference room 9F. He knows where it is,” or “Please send an invitation to Sarah and me for dinner at her house at 6pm next Saturday. No need to put the address.

Your mom is named Amy and says there can only be one Amy in your life or you just prefer having a male assistant? Andrew Ingram is at your service! Just cc andrew@x.ai and he’ll take care of your meetings exactly the way Amy would.

When setting up a phone meeting for you and only one guest, Amy and Andrew will always ask your guest to provide the best number for you to call. If you’d prefer for your guest to call you, simply set your preference on my.x.ai to “inbound call”.

Forgot what meetings you sent in for Amy and Andrew to work on and just can’t wait until your Weekly Summary on Monday morning? Check the status of your pending meetings on my.x.ai, or by emailing Amy and Andrew for a status report at any time.

Amy and Andrew strive to negotiate the best time that works for all participants in their local time zone, so long as they know where everyone is located. They’ll communicate with your guest(s) in their local time zone, but always send the invite out with yours as a point of reference. Just cue them in, e.g. “Amy, Please schedule. FYI – John is in China.”

Not everyone on the email thread is required to attend the meeting. Since the use of “To” and “CC” fields isn’t always consistent – Amy and Andrew assume that everyone’s attendance is essential unless you or your guests let them know otherwise.

You can always change somebody’s status to optional, add, or remove a participant by cueing Amy/Andrew in, e.g. “Amy, find a time for me to get brunch with Jacob and Lauren at Le Pain Quotidien on Broad Street. Ariel is optional.”

You can visit my.x.ai to edit all of your meeting preferences, and you can now:

  • check the status of your meetings
  • see what calendars and emails you have connected
  • view your available meeting slots
  • adjust your scheduling hours
  • add or alter your meeting locations

Once a change is made on your profile, Amy/Andrew will confirm your recent changes by summarizing each item in an email, so you can always change your preferences as needed.