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Scheduling a single meeting takes an average of 8 emails back and forth. Let Amy and Andrew handle that for you :)


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$39/mo. when billed annually | $42.55/mo. when billed monthly

Immediate access
Hire your AI assistant today.

Let our AI assistants schedule meetings for you.
Amy + Andrew take over the painful task of meeting scheduling. They negotiate meeting time, location, reschedules and cancellations on your behalf. They can handle multiple participants, different time-zones and travel plans.

No software to install.
You just cc: Amy when you’re setting up a meeting, and she’ll take care of the scheduling back-and-forth.

Unlimited meetings.
Weekly standing meetings, conference calls, power lunches, Google Hangouts. Schedule as many meetings as you like. She works 24/7 and responds within 10 minutes. Yes, she’s superhuman!

A trusty gatekeeper.
Amy will never double book, and she won’t schedule meetings that you haven’t confirmed. Our AI assistants protect your calendar.

VIP contacts.
Add the people you meet with often to your VIP list, and they can schedule directly with Amy, without emailing you first.

Personalized signature.
You’re the boss. Make Amy’s signature part of your brand.

Email support.
Our Customer Success team is 100% human and eager to help you when you hit a snag.

Calendars supported
Office 365 from Microsoft
G Suite from Google

Whoot! No more email ping pong for you. Go on, check your inbox.

Get your AI assistant.

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We accept almost any valid credit card and debit card that carries the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club logos. Charges are made in U.S. Dollars so customers who do not live in the United States may be charged additional fees by their bank.

Your credit card will be billed immediately upon signing up for the Professional or Business Edition. We will then charge your credit card on the same day of each subsequent month for monthly subscription plans.

When you sign up for the yearly subscription plan, your card will be charged for the full amount immediately. At the end of the 12 month period, your subscription will be automatically renewed.

Awwww…we can’t imagine life without you either! There’s no need to renew your subscription. It will renew automatically until you make a change. If you’re on a monthly plan and want to make  a deeper commitment with your assistant, you can sign up for the yearly plan—and save a few bucks!—by visiting the Subscription page.

You can change your plan at any time. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Subscription page.
  • Click Switch Plans to change to our Personal (Free) plan.

Do keep in mind, downgrading to the Personal plan will not delete any of your data, but:

  • You’ll only be able to schedule five meetings per month
  • You won’t be able to personalize Amy or Andrew’s signature
  • You will no longer have a VIP List. If any of the people who were on your VIP list ask Amy or Andrew for a meeting with you, they will kindly confirm with you first.
  • Note we don’t offer refunds. Should you downgrade or cancel before the end of the calendar month, the service will be available until the end of the calendar month, and we won’t charge you starting the following month. If you cancel your x.ai account, Amy or Andrew will no longer schedule your meetings and you won’t have access to past meeting or payment data.

For a list of the amazing things Amy and Andrew can do for you if you purchase a paid plan, please visit our pricing page.

Whether your credit card is expired, cancelled or you simply need to swap it out for a new one, you can update it at any time. Here’s how:

Visit the Subscription page:

Under the Payment Method section, click Change Card and fill in the required details. When you’re done, click Update.

Our payment provider, Stripe, emails a receipt to the primary email on your x.ai account each time your card is billed.

The beauty is that we are not! Here at x.ai, we schedule meetings, no more, no less. So we can focus exclusively on that, we’ve partnered with Stripe, a well-established, secure, credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payment. They have thousands of clients like Twitter, Uber, Postmates, Pinterest and Fitbit and handle millions of transactions. We do not process your credit card, and we don’t store your information on our system.

We’re here for you. Just email us within 60 days of the charge at help@x.ai, and one of our cheerful customer service professionals will investigate.

Ugh. We hate it when that happens. As we do not process your credit card payments, the card was rejected by our payment gateway vendor, Stripe, or by your bank. Declines happen for many reasons.

  • Is the card expired?
  • Is all the billing information correct? We verify name, card number, expiration date and CVC.
  • Did you include the CVV2 “security code” printed on your credit card? For American Express, it’s usually a 4-digit code on the front. Other cards usually have a 3-digit code printed on the back.
  • Is your card account brand new? Even if your card has no spending limit, some banks start new accounts with a low “security limit” for fraud protection and may reject large purchases. Call your credit card issuer to change that limit.
  • The secure credit card gateway system might be busy, so try again in a couple of minutes.
  • The fraud signals banks use vary, so a previously successful card might later be declined.

If none of this helps, the next step is to contact your bank to find out why your card is being declined. The system we use only tells us that the card has been declined but doesn’t let us know the reason. Your bank can provide that information to you.

We’re so sorry to see you go! If there’s anything we can do help you change your mind, please email help@x.ai, and one of our cheerful customer service professionals will do whatever they can to help. You can change your plan at any time. Here’s how:

Visit the Subscription page.

Click Deactivate my x.ai account to cancel completely or click Switch Plans to switch to our Personal (Free) plan.

Choosing Personal allows us to retain your meeting information, and you can work with Amy or Andrew again at anytime by simply emailing them, although with reduced features. If you cancel, Amy or Andrew will no longer schedule your meetings, and you won’t have access to past meeting or payment data.

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