Preview How Times are Shared with Your Guests

When you use one of’s AI scheduling assistants, they’ll automatically generate available times based on your calendar(s) and preferences. For most meeting requests, our AI will ask you to confirm the details before they begin emailing your guests to find a time. This ensures you’re always in control, no surprises.

With our new email preview feature it’s even easier to see the exact emails that will go out to your guests with potential times — BEFORE Amy sends it to them.

Preview Guest Emails

For every one-off meeting, you can now preview the email that will be sent to every guest in the meeting.

Whether you’re using the Create tool to schedule a meeting from scratch, or editing an existing meeting request, you’ll now see a “Preview guest email” button which lets you see the exact email that will be sent to each meeting guest.

You can close the preview and make more changes to the meeting details, or click “Start scheduling” and Amy will get to work on your behalf.

Fun fact: When you request a meeting with another user, the meeting will be scheduled instantly without ANY emails. This is because we already know everyone’s availability and preferences. Now THAT is efficient!

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.