NEW: Quickly Share Your Availability with a One-Time Link

“What’s your schedule like next week?” How’s your calendar looking this week? “Can we find time to meet?”

You’ve no doubt heard these questions multiple times in the past day or hour even. The easiest way to answer is with one of your (unlimited!) calendar page URLs. Copy, paste, send, done! However, there is a big difference between sharing your availability and sharing your calendar. In many situations you want your guests to have access to your availability for this one meeting but not ongoing access.

Today we’re excited to introduce a new way to share your availability without sharing your calendar: One-Time Links. Create a unique link that can be used to schedule a meeting only once, much like the self-destructing instructions in spy movies!

Create a One-Time Link

Frequent users know they can schedule meetings by sharing their calendar page with available times or by looping in their AI scheduling assistant to share available times for that specific meeting. Now, you can quickly create a One-Time Link to share times for one specific meeting.

When you create a meeting on, you can input your meeting information — title, guests, when you’d like the meeting to happen, as well as the duration and location for the meeting.

Once you input that information, you can opt to let Amy, your AI scheduling assistant, share available times with your guests or you can generate a one-time link with available times for you to send to your guests for them to choose from.

Send this link to your guest directly. They’ll choose from your available time to book the meeting directly. When they do, we’ll send the invite. Meeting scheduled!

You’re Always in Control

One-Time Links give you extra control over what availability you share, while still ensuring you avoid the time-suck of manually comparing calendars with your guest. 

The meeting is yours to own. You share the single-use link with your guest directly, making it easy for them to quickly select from your available times.

There’s no need to worry about future meetings being scheduled from the One-Time Link. Because the link is specific to that meeting, it will expire automatically when the meeting is scheduled.

Schedule Meetings Over Text and Messenger

With’s One-Time Link, you can schedule meetings wherever they come up and feel confident that they’ll happen exactly when you want them to.

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.