October’s Offerings Open Oodles Of Organizing Opportunities

Another month, another massive basket of scheduling superpowers brought to you by the engineering wizards of x.ai. This month we have all sorts of new features helping you better navigate your account, work across borders and time zones, and find solutions for your industry. Enjoy!

In This Article

  1. 24 Hour Clock
  2. Meeting Template Library
  3. Add Reminders and Block Out Time for Yourself
  4. Copy Your Availability in Text-Only Format
  5. New Quick-Access Schedule Meeting Button
  6. Quick-Access URLs for the Meeting Creator
  7. Team-Wide Default to Your Custom Scheduling AI

24 Hour Clock

When scheduling across borders and across time zones, different representations of time come into play. Many parts of the world use times represented as AM or PM and other parts of the world use the 24 hour clock or “military time” to us Americans. While x.ai does not have a strong opinion about which is better, we do strongly believe that we should accommodate users across the globe.

And so this month we introduced the option to toggle between AM/PM and 24h clock options for both you and your guests. No more trips around the clock to do conversions in your head, now you can localize your time and save those clock cycles for more important tasks!

Meeting Template Library

Need inspiration for the best ways to control your calendar? Want to quickly and easily add Calendar Pages to your account? Maybe you are in real estate, education, or recruiting and want to discover best practices for your unique scheduling needs. Well, look no further than our Meeting Template Library! We built an extensive portfolio of Meeting Templates to help you quickly create new types of Calendar Pages in your x.ai account. From open houses to date night to office hours, we’ve got you covered!

Add Reminders and Block Out Time for Yourself Over Email

We’ve enhanced our ability to quickly and easily add blocks of time to your calendar, just in time to remind yourself to vote! When you email your Scheduling AI but do not include anyone else on the email, the Scheduling AI will book time on your calendar just for you. In addition, your entire email will be memorialized in the meeting notes so you know exactly what event you’re reminding yourself of. Do your taxes, finish your novel, have a martini, exercise your civic duty to vote, and any number of other me-time activities can be blocked out with just an email.

Copy Your Availability in Text-Only Format

Our immensely popular Copy Times feature has gotten an oft-requested upgrade! Now in addition to being able to copy your availability directly into an email in beautifully (says I) formatted HTML, now you can copy a list of available times in text format complete with short links for your guests to schedule with you. Perfect for LinkedIn messages, PINE email clients (for my fellow old school UW alumni), and other ASCII media.

New Quick-Access Schedule Meeting Button

Sometimes when you are designing software, you simply cannot cover everyone’s preferences. Thankfully, this is not one of those times! Thanks to the crack product team and clever engineers, we managed to give you quick access to every possible means of scheduling a meeting from one little button at the top left of your account pages. With a click or two you can access our Copy Times feature, you can let x.ai send times on your behalf, you can quickly copy one of your Calendar Page URLs, or you can instantly generate a One-Time Link based on one of your Meeting Templates! No matter how you schedule with x.ai, it’s now at your finger tips.

Quick-Access URLs for the Meeting Creator

You’ve always been able to set meetings with your x.ai Scheduling Network connections instantly with one click, but now you can create shortcuts to instantly meet with multiple people! Simply employ our new URL parameters on the x.ai Meeting Creator. You can add email addresses for guests, an introduction, and/or a meeting title to the URL and your meeting will be ready to schedule with a click You can add the parameters guests, introduction, and title. Try this link for an example and take a look at the URL:

Pro Tip: Use our Meeting Creator Bookmark Generator to create quick one-click links you can save and revisit to schedule meetings!

Default to Your Custom Scheduling AI

Our Team plan users know that not only can they replace the x.ai logo with their own in all of the emails from their Scheduling AI, they can also give their Scheduling AI an address on their own domain for enhanced branding. Now you can request that your custom Scheduling AI’s email address become the default address used when your team members schedule a meeting from our Meeting Creator and Calendar Pages. Send us an email at help@human.x.ai and we’ll get you set up with this new feature!

schedule anything with the Meeting Creator

Watch this space for more October surprises! Have a feature idea you’d like us to add? Let us know at help@human.x.ai or @xdotai

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