16 New Time Hacks to Boost Your Scheduling Productivity in 2021

It’s been nearly nine months since our first series of articles in the Time Hacker’s Guide to Using x.ai and we’ve been fielding ideas from readers and devising our own time hacks ever since. There is no better time to hack than an entirely new year, so to get your 2021 started with a solid productivity boost, we present to you the latest articles in our Time Hacker series. Enjoy!

What is a Time Hacker?

A time hacker is a fastidious bordering on persnickety scheduler who constantly seeks out new ways to gain efficiency in their time management. A true time hacker pushes their tools, even advanced scheduling tools like x.ai, to extreme lengths in order to extract every nanosecond of time savings, every keystroke of saved effort. Happy Hacking!

Articles in the Time Hacker Series

  1. NEW: Prioritize your people: Get the availability for the most important guests first
  2. NEW: iPhone text replacement: Quick access to your Calendar Pages (on Android, too!)
  3. NEW: Get some FaceTime: Hack your Meeting Template to offer FaceTime URLs
  4. NEW: Cloak your availability: Block out time but still allow certain meetings
  5. NEW: Share a colleague’s availability: Schedule on behalf of your colleagues
  6. NEW: Make guests feel important: Add hidden restrictions to meetings
  7. NEW: Crowd control for calendars: Limit attendees for your group meetings
  8. Look busier than you are: Mask your true availability
  9. Stash a Slash: Surreptitiously include instructions to our AI to save you a step
  10. Automate your responses: Create email workflows to manage meetings for you
  11. Customize your overlap: Use Meeting Templates to optimize time zone overlaps
  12. Separate work and play: Route events to different calendars, personal or professional
  13. Make time for yourself: Instantly block out focus time with an email
  14. Add Amy to your emails with zero clicks: Loop in our AI with a simple email hack
  15. Leave yourself a graceful exit plan: Allow meetings to run long… or cut them short
  16. Gotta keep ’em separated: Double-book your time with multiple guests

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