NEW: Upgrades to Your Default Meeting Template

Meeting Templates are the foundation of scheduling. With, you can set up templates with preferences for the different types of meetings you do. uses those saved preferences to generate possible times that work for you.

Earlier this year, we introduced several updates that made it easier to schedule with your Meeting Templates, whether you’re sharing a Calendar Page link or scheduling over email, Slack, and the Meeting Creator. Today, we’re rolling out new enhancements to your Default Meeting Template to give you even more control over when and how your meetings are scheduled.

What is a Default Meeting Template?

Your Default Meeting Template is your primary set of preferences for when and how you’re available to meet. These preferences are used if another user schedules a meeting with you. They’re also used as a fallback if you schedule a meeting without specifying a template.

set your availability for when you'd like to do meetings

You can also opt to use your Default Meeting Template’s Scheduling Hours on other Meeting Templates. This is an efficient way to manage your overall availability and to make changes, when needed.

use your default meeting template availability on other templates

NEW: Upgraded Default Meeting Template

Long-time users may remember a previous version of the Default Meeting Template which operated more like global settings.

Now, your Default Meeting Template is just that — it is a template with the exact same settings as your other Meeting Templates, including: Lead Time, Available Dates, Start Time Options, and Max Meetings Allowed Per Day or Per Week.

customize your default meeting template settings

Pro Tip: As part of this upgrade, we moved the setting for your Global Max Meetings to your Account settings. This lets you set a limit for the total number of meetings can schedule for you per day or per week, across all templates.

There is now a Calendar Page link for your Default Meeting Template, and you can Copy Times from your Default Meeting Template into any message.

set a calendar page link for your default template

Note: Existing users will notice their Default Meeting Template is set to private and won’t show up on their Calendar Homepage. If you want to change this, you can manage the settings under the “Privacy” tab of the template.

When you open the Meeting Creator to schedule a meeting, you’ll see your Default Meeting Template preferences are applied automatically. (You can also select from your other templates to apply those preferences.)

use your template settings on the Meeting Creator

You can also customize your Default Meeting Template’s Email Scheduling preferences, which let you turn OFF the confirmation email and let you manage automatic meeting detail detection settings.

customize your default meeting template's email scheduling preferences

In fact, you can rename your Default Meeting Template and change the URL, just as you can with your other templates. You can even designate another template to be your Default Meeting Template.

make any template your default

Meetings Between Users Can Be Booked Instantly

When you initiate a meeting with another user, our scheduling engine can review everyone’s Default Meeting Template preferences and overall availability to schedule the meeting instantly.

see mutual availability on calendar pages

When you send a Calendar Page to another user (or they send one to you), you’ll see your mutual availability highlighted. This makes it even easier to book a time. (We recently rounded up a few more ways to see mutual availability when you schedule meetings with other users.)

Pro Tip: To display mutual availability and enable instant scheduling with your contacts, invite them to join your Scheduling Network!

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