New, Novel, and Notable in November

As a fan of alliterative blog post titles, I was disappointed (OK, not really) to learn that we have more than nine new features this month. Our team of engineers are just too prolific to allow me to write the titles I want! Here’s the rundown of the latest features for November. As always, watch this space as we’ll update it throughout the month!

This month’s Features

  1. Google Analytics Integration
  2. Schedule Meetings Over Email In Any Language
  3. Schedule on Any Calendar
  4. Set Max Meetings Per Meeting Template Per Day
  5. Zapier Integration Updates
  6. Copy and Paste Your Availability Anywhere
  7. Powerful WordPress Plugin Updates
  8. Redesigned Meeting Confirmation Emails
  9. In-App Confirmation Messages For Conflicts
  10. Quick-Access Email Footer Menu
  11. Pre-Fill Guest Information On Calendar Pages

Google Analytics Integration

Our new Google Analytics integration lets you keep track of your Calendar Pages like never before. Simply by adding your Tracking ID to your account you’ll be able to see page views, traffic sources, and even events when a user schedules a meeting Not only that, but if you are on our Team plan you can add a second tracking ID to get statistics form your Team Calendar Pages as well! We even recorded a short webinar on all the cool things you can do with Google Analytics.

Schedule Meetings Over Email In Any Language

Some updates are incredibly useful, others are absolutely game-changing. This is the latter type. Now when you email your Scheduling AI and request a meeting, you can use your native language! No more switching to English for just one sentence, now our AI can understand 55 different languages and counting!

Schedule on Any Calendar

Do you have multiple different calendars? Perhaps you have a personal calendar, a work calendar, a family calendar, a PTA calendar, a side-hustle calendar, etc. Now you can route any meeting to any of the unlimited calendars you have connected to! Simply choose the calendar from your Meeting Template, from the Meeting Creator, or email the Scheduling AI from one of your email addresses and we’ll match it up to the right calendar using our dynamic routing feature!

Set Max Meetings Per Meeting Template Per Day

Sometimes you need to balance meeting time with focus time. Now you can do that with our new Max Meetings Per Day feature. You can choose to limit your Meeting Templates to a maximum number and once that many meetings have been scheduled for you on that day, the system will no longer offer times on that day, even if you still have availability. Clever, huh?

set max # of meetings per day

Zapier Integration Updates

You asked, we listened. Our Zapier integration has been updated to include a dozen new data points that can help you automate your workflows and connect with the likes of Salesforce, Trello, Quickbooks, and over 2,000 other apps. We’ll be publishing a series of articles detailing solutions that incorporate Zapier, so stay tuned!

Copy and Paste Your Availability Anywhere

Our extremely popular Copy Times feature enables you to quickly grab a block of your availability and paste it into an email. We’ve updated this feature to support not just email but also… well, just about anything! Now you can copy and paste a block of times in plain text with shortened scheduling links for each time slot. Perfect for pasting into Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn messages and other media that may not support HTML.

Powerful WordPress Plugin Updates

We’ve just released version 1.1 of our WordPress scheduling plugin, adding valuable features and a greater degree of control over your embedded calendar pages! Among the new features are the ability to hide the header, override the location, and change the text of the default scheduling button, even to a different language!

Redesigned Meeting Confirmation Emails

When a meeting gets scheduled, you need to know about it. Whether you schedule your meeting via Slack, via your instant scheduling network, via a Calendar Page, or by emailing your Scheduling AI, you’ll receive a confirmation email that the scheduling tool has done its job once again.

Quick-Access Email Footer Menu

In addition to an upgraded meeting confirmation via email, we’ve also added a subtle but useful change to the system. Now at the bottom of each email you’ll see quick-access links that will take you directly to vital account management functions.

In-App Confirmation Messages For Conflicts

Rules are made to be broken, but it’s not your Scheduling AI’s job to decide when. Therefore, it will not schedule outside of your scheduling hours or put two meetings too close together without your permission. However, when a situation comes up that may warrant scheduling slightly outside of your scheduling hours or excepting your Breather Time settings, the system will double-check with you that it is OK to do so at the time of scheduling. You’re always in control!

Pre-Fill Guest Information On Calendar Pages

There are times when you already know who your guest is and what information you want to include in a meeting invitation. Perhaps you even know the exact time and date you want them to schedule. For these situations, you can now add information to your Calendar Page URLs to pre-fill information for your guests. Name? Done. Email? Yup. Your custom Guest Questions? Yes, indeed! Up to 15 Guest Questions can be included!

More to come!

As always, watch this space for the latest product updates as our team just can’t stop pushing code!