New: Notify Zapier of Meeting Reschedules

The and Zapier integration has long been a powerful way to keep all of your apps in sync with your calendar. When a meeting is scheduled or cancelled, notifies Zapier’s system that the event occurred and users can then route that information to an ever-growing list of apps that are connected to Zapier… Think Salesforce, Google Docs, Slack, Evernote, MailChimp, Greenhouse, and thousands more.

While that has proven useful, what happens when a meeting gets rescheduled? Well, until now you could not update the external apps with the new meeting time… but that limitation is a thing of the past!

Now, not only can you update Zapier apps when a meeting is rescheduled, you can also receive notifications when a reschedule is requested, meaning Amy and Andrew are back in action for that meeting and negotiating a time for you.

For example

Say you want to send yourself a Slack message whenever a meeting is rescheduled. You would simply tell Zapier to wait until notifies it that a meeting was rescheduled, like this:

You would then instruct Zapier to send the information it received to you as a direct message in Slack, like this:

You will be instantly notified in Slack when a reschedule occurs! Read about the new version of on Zapier’s blog or go right to your control center to set up Zapier for yourself.

Not using to schedule all of your meetings for you yet? Sign up for now, it’s free!

Not using Zapier yet? You guessed it… Also free. Sign up for Zapier now!

As a side note, I am an avid and frequent user of Zapier and the possibilities of what you can do with it are virtually unlimited. You want to automate your digital life? This is how you do it. (note that this is Ammon’s opinion, not necessarily’s, although I am sure my colleagues are in agreement). ?