NEW: Instantly schedule meetings within your network

As we continue to pursue our vision of scheduling every meeting for you instantly, we recently rolled out some new features for our scheduling network. Of course you read about the scheduling network when we made some noise on this blog a few weeks ago… because you simply cannot get enough of our product update blog posts. We don’t blame you, it’s riveting stuff.

As an avid reader of news, you’ll know that our scheduling network enables you to schedule meetings instantly with your connected contacts. This week we rolled out new tools to help you manage your network and meet with your connections even faster. Check out the first of many iterations of your Contact Manager and you’ll see something like this:

Now anyone with whom you are connected is easily accessible via this page. You can quickly create a meeting with them using the “Meet again” button or make them a “VIP” using the “Add as VIP” button. VIPs are people who can schedule with you without needing your confirmation of the meeting. Basically a whitelist of people who are allowed to grab time on your calendar. Clicking “Meet Again” will take you to our meeting creation page, pre-filled with your Ad Hoc meeting preferences

We have big plans for the scheduling network, including functionality to enable smart group meetings, individualized meeting history, and robust contact management.

We’re excited about this first version of the scheduling network and will be releasing more iterations in the near future. And as an avid reader, we know you’ll be eagerly refreshing this blog so you can be be the first to know about it! 

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