New: Give Your Guests Multiple-Choice Custom Questions

Last year we introduced Custom Fields to enable you to ask your guests questions and get some answers. Once again, our most valuable resource (you!) had productive feedback to offer. While capturing context from your guests is useful, you wanted more control over the answers they supplied. Today we’re thrilled to announce two new types of Guest Questions (AKA Custom Fields): Dropdown selectors and checkboxes. Both of these allow you to specify a finite set of choices to offer your guests, resulting in predictable and structured responses.

Introducing Checkboxes

First, we’ve added Checkboxes. This type of custom field allows you to define any number of options that your guest can choose from. They can choose one or more options and we’ll include those in the meeting invitation.

Adding a series of checkboxes will then allow your guest to select from the list of options by checking the box next to each.

Introducing Dropdowns

The second new addition to the Guest Questions options is the Dropdown input type. Similar to checkboxes, you can add as many options as you like. However, your guest can choose only one of the options from the list using the Dropdown.

Now when your guest visits your Calendar Page to schedule a meeting, they will be presented with a Dropdown selector.

Just like all of our custom fields, you can choose to require input for checkboxes and dropdowns. We also add your guest’s answers to the meeting confirmation page as well as to the meeting invitation.

Pro Tip: All of your custom fields are sent to our Zapier integration, allowing you to sync up your scheduling activity with Salesforce, Quickbooks, Airtable, and over 2,000 other apps!

See New Guest Questions In Action

Want to see how the new Guest Questions work and how you can leverage them to help create robust workflows? Join an informal webinar and Q&A session with yours truly on February 4th to explore how these new Guest Questions can be used with our Zapier integration!