New: Calendar Homepage, Avatars, and Embedding

We’re always looking for new and improved ways of making your scheduling life easier. Sometimes in the process, we make it prettier, too! Today we rolled out a few new features to help you get meetings on your calendar with minimal effort and maximum elegance.

Calendar Homepage

First, we’ve created a calendar index page where your guests can choose from the various calendar pages you have created. 30 minutes or an hour? Over the phone or in person? Need a conference room or a Zoom link? Let your guest decide! It looks a little something like this:

While we are now offering you the ability to show all of your calendar pages to your guests, we also recognize that you might not want them to see all of them. I for one do not want my colleagues clicking into my date night calendar page. Therefore, we’ve also given you the ability to hide your calendar pages from your homepage. Just go to your calendar page settings, edit the page you wish to hide, and click “Restrictions” like so:

Custom Avatars

Notice something about the screenshot above? That’s right, there’s a picture of me on the calendar page! Don’t worry, you do not have to use my oddly smirking mug on your calendar pages… You can upload your own! Just go to your account settings and you can easily update your picture from there.

Once uploaded, your image will appear on your calendar homepage, on your individual calendar pages, throughout your account, and will be used when you connect with your colleagues on the scheduling network. Cool!

Calendar Embedding and Sharing

Finally, we’ve got a few new ways for you to easily make your calendar pages available to your guests. Look for the sharing icon for each calendar page on your settings page.

Clicking that will give you a couple of options:

Now getting guests to your calendar page is easy as can be!

Copy your URL: Click the URL or the “Copy” button to quickly save the URL to your clipboard.

Copy your signature link: Clicking this link or the associated copy button will copy a pre-formatted HTML link to your clipboard. Simply go to your Gmail or Outlook settings and paste it directly into your signature. No coding needed! We have a handy email signature help guide in case you get stuck.

Embed your calendar page on your site: Calling all techies! We now have the ability to add your calendar page to any website. You can use our default button or you can use your own custom buttons for embedding. You can also control the dimensions of the scheduling page. We’ve published a guide on how to embed your calendar page as well.

As always, we’re continually striving to improve our service, and a big part of being able to do so is hearing the feedback our users give us. Want to see something more from the platform? Give us a shout!

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