New: Access’s App On Your iPhone or Android

Today we’re excited to announce that we have updated our scheduling tool to make it installable on your iPhone or Android phone! By utilizing a technology known as Progressive Web Applications we have brought the power of your account to your Home Screen. By building support for this exciting new technology, we have enabled you to install on your iPhone, Android phone, and even as as a desktop application!

Every Device, Every Feature

By building our mobile and desktop experiences as progressive web apps, we have enabled you to enjoy a native experience that offers the exact same functionality of your account no matter where you are accessing the system from. New features automatically appear everywhere!

Install on Your Phone Now

Open Your Account From Your Home Screen

No more navigating to your account from within a browser, simply install with a few taps and you’ll have an icon right on your Home screen.

Access Every Feature Available

Just tap the new app icon on your home screen and you can copy time options, utilize the Meeting Creator, or access all of your settings from the new app. The Schedule button at the top of the page gives you quick access to your most frequently used features, including the ability to copy time options to your phone’s clipboard for sending through other apps.

Easily Fetch A One-Time Link

With two taps of your thumb (Tap the Schedule button, tap “Create One-Time Link”) you can quickly grab a One-Time Link from then switch to your messaging app to paste the scheduling link into it. Blazing fast scheduling, literally at your fingertip!

Manage All Of Your Meetings

Approve meetings you have requested, schedule follow up calls for previous meetings, reschedule with the click of a button, and edit the details of any of your meetings.

Easily Copy Your Available Times To Other Apps

With our Progressive Web App you can easily access your availability and copy blocks of your available free time along with direct scheduling links to your device’s clipboard, ready to paste into any other app!

Why Not Build Native Apps?

We would if we could! You see, Apple will not allow to build a mobile app that has our account management functionality in it. They mandate that instead of using our own payment provider, we rebuild our system to support Apple’s in-app purchasing. Not only does this require a great deal of rebuilding, but Apple takes 30% of your payments to us, affectionately known as the Apple Tax. Of course, has and will always have an industry-leading free version, too.

A progressive web app allows to offer our full functionality in a nearly-native format on any platform that supports this emerging standard (hint: most of them!).

What About The Current iPhone App?

With the creation of our PWA, we will be saying goodbye to our native iPhone app for now. While it did spark joy, we simply have to thank it for its years of service and offer it a gold watch and a plaque. It will be retired shortly. If you still have the old iPhone app, we encourage you to remove it and install the new PWA!

Install on Your Phone Now