Maximize Your Team’s Availability on Round Robin Calendar Pages

Round Robin Calendar Pages are an efficient way to distribute meetings across your team. Whether you’re embedding the calendar page on your website or sharing the link with customers and prospects, meetings are assigned equally to team members based on who is available at the time the guest chooses.

Our latest update makes it even easier to set up your Round Robin Calendar Pages so you can offer a wider range of time slots for customers to book time with your team. You can now set your Round Robin meeting template to use each team member’s scheduling hours from their Scheduling Defaults. This allows each person in the rotation to customize their availability, based on their schedule and timezone, as well as easily manage daily and weekly changes.

you can add members of your team to a Round Robin calendar page to share meetings between them

Whether you’re creating a new Round Robin template or editing an existing one, you can select the default scheduling hours setting on your Round Robin template. This tells to reference the availability of all the team members on the template, based on their default scheduling hours which is set up on their individual accounts.

use defaults on a round robin calendar page

This can be especially useful when you have teammates working across timezones and/or shifts. You’re increasing the overall spread of times available to customers, while still ensuring meetings will only be booked when individual team members are available.

In this example, a customer coming to this team’s calendar page sees available time slots from 3 a.m. EST and 11 p.m. EST on March 10th.

Maximize the number of time options available for customers and prospects

That is possible because:

  • Alex works from London and their default scheduling hours are set to 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. GMT (3-11 a.m. EST).
  • Monica and Tony both work from New York and can cover the midday slots.
  • Tara works from Los Angeles and her default scheduling hours are set to 12-8 p.m. PST (3-11 p.m. EST).
Each team member can set their own availability for when they can do meetings

Set Custom Hours for Your Team Calendar Page

You can also opt to add custom hours for your team Round Robin Calendar Page, which set the overall availability for that meeting template.

add custom hours for your team and individual calendar pages

When you set custom hours, any person in the rotation can have a meeting scheduled during that time frame regardless of their personal scheduling hours. You can force these hours to happen in a specific timezone, or rely on the team member’s individual timezone.

We are planning to add support to set custom hours per team member on Round Robin templates. Send an email to to receive early word when this becomes available.

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