Launching the Business edition

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Business edition, which is designed for teams. makes an AI assistant who schedules meetings for you—Amy or Andrew Ingram. There’s no app and nothing to download. When you’re scheduling a meeting, all you do is cc, and she’ll take over that tedious email ping pong to get the meeting on your calendar.

Key features

The Business edition comes with a few powerful new features. The first is being able to onboard your entire team or company at once. That part is straightforward. What comes with a single account is insight into your team’s activity. The admin dashboard summarizes team activity and shows the productivity gains provided by your AI assistants, such as aggregate meeting data, usage trends, and actual hours saved each week. We’ve long believed in the ROI Amy provides; now we do the math for your team. The data you see today is just the beginning; you’ll see us expand on this dashboard as we move forward. Now is the time to let us know analytics you want to see!

This edition also lets companies operate’s agents on their own domain. And team members can now fully customize and brand their AI assistant’s signature. These features mean that Amy and Andrew appear as full-fledged employees of your business.

Fair billing

We also understand that team members have different scheduling habits and wanted to account for that, while still providing the benefit of having your entire team use Amy. Following the lead of companies like Slack, we decided to use “fair billing.” The cost per seat for the Business edition is $59 per month per active user; will bill only for team members that use Amy in that month to schedule one or more meetings. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about this, and hope that we’ve removed much of the anxiety that typically comes with adding seats to your SaaS solutions.

Changes to the AI

To deliver the Business edition, we made multiple invisible but important changes to the AI itself. Amy is much more clever about travel time, for example. She understands whether you’re in the same location as your teammates and, if so, she won’t allot any travel time for internal meetings.

Another interesting change is how Amy protects customers’ calendars. Typically, she won’t schedule any meeting that a customer hasn’t agreed to; however, for Business edition customers, Amy can get to work on any internal meeting right away, without getting both participants to confirm first. And because both participants use Amy, the meeting gets scheduled nearly instantly (we call that “scheduling nirvana”).

Why this matters

That’s what’s new and different about this edition. But there are three reasons we’re so happy to share this news.

The first is timing. Unlike some current (even huge) SaaS companies, think Dropbox, we’re getting our first product for the enterprise out very close on the heels of our Professional edition for individuals (which we launched this past October). The team here at makes incredible things happen. 😉

We’ve also been fortunate to receive lots of interest from teams who see the value of Amy and Andrew to improve productivity and help their team members focus on what they were actually hired to do. We’re eager to support them.

Finally, we’ve seen a few companies offer Amy and Andrew as a perk to their employees. I find this particularly fascinating—who needs KIND Bars and Diet Cokes when Amy and Andrew can add hours back into your week?

You can onboard yourself here and/or feel free to contact Ally to learn more.

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Read the official press release.