It’s a Baby Boy – Andrew Ingram

We’re quite proud to announce a new addition to our family today, Amy’s twin brother, Andrew Ingram.
Andrew was born to schedule meetings just like Amy. This sibling duo have the exact same skill set and are fully aware of what the other assistant is working on. Call it Twin-Tuition.
As everything else we do, there is NO SET UP, and you can simply choose to CC or as you see fit. Here are a few things you might want to know as you take them for a spin:

  • Whomever you CC will be your personal assistant for the meeting. The personal assistant assigned will stay intact, even if you write back the other sibling mid-scheduling – remember, they have the same memory.
  • If you CC both your assistants, Amy will jump in to work the meeting for you. She’s an overachiever and we couldn’t be more proud.
  • We pay attention to which personal assistant you prefer to work with and will assign the task of assembling your Weekly Meeting Summary to favorite sibling. So if Amy schedules more meetings for you last week, she’ll be the one you hear from come Monday morning.

Why are they named Andrew and Amy Ingram? Their names are inspired by the initials of the words Artificial Intelligence. N-Gram, the latter part of their surname, is a “technique” used in computational linguistics. It’s geeky and we love it so much that we think we’ll keep them. But our professional and business customers will have the opportunity to name their assistants and move their assistants onto their own domain.
Now that you’ve properly been introduced to Andrew Ingram, go pick your favorite personal assistant and Happy Scheduling!